Covid Closures

How they took a toll on the kids.

Many of us frustrated by the lengthy school closures were enraged by a statement we found far too dismissive and even callous: “Kids are resilient.” (The great Mary Katharine Ham tore this apart back in January.) All too often, that was a blasé slogan designed to excuse an intolerable status quo.

Our kids aren’t necessarily resilient, and we didn’t like having their need to be resilient shoved upon them by teachers’ unions who kept dragging their feet on reopening schools and public-health officials who deemed birthday parties, travel, summer camps, visiting grandparents, etc. an intolerable risk.


One thought on “Covid Closures”

  1. A certain segment of society has no problem killing kids.

    The same segment known to kill great numbers of everyone else, too.

    They can’t be special if they have to compete.

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