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  1. From some medical site:

    Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder. Although its major manifestation is motor symptoms, resulting from the loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra, psychiatric symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, hallucination, delusion, apathy and anhedonia, impulsive and compulsive behaviors, and cognitive dysfunction, may also manifest in most patients with PD.

    Hallucination, delusion, impulsive behavior certainly describe Putin’s invasion.

  2. Yesterday the building where the Russians design their SAMs and ballistic missiles caught fire and burned. Today Roscosmos is on fire.

    Visegrad24 Tweet with video

    The Russian Rocket and Spacecraft Scientific Center in Korolyov is on fire right now.

    It’s the main analytical center of the Russian Space Agency (Russian NASA) Roskosmos.

    2 strategic fires yesterday, 1 today.

    Greeting from Ukraine?

    1. I’d like to think the Ukrainians are behind these fires and hope for many more. If nothing else, it’ll drive the Russians nuts with paranoia.

      1. Or it’s a false flag by Putin’s political enemies to try and destabilize the government. Either way a dangerous game. The kind the KGB would play to keep them on top.

  3. I heard he had people testing his food. I guess he didn’t realize laxative would allow them to live but make it hard on him in meetings.

    1. It is my fervent hope that Putin was as great a gamesman that ever inhabited the KGB FSB. In that to protect himself, he carefully eliminated anyone there and on the Central Committee that was a threat to his power. There are indications that the final steps of that are underway now. That will leave a military junta in his stead not a Chekist. A standoff in Ukraine, food shortages, terror bombings, domestic policy incompetence leads to street riots and the possibility of an actual parliamentary election. Well, one can dream can’t one? It takes a Ukrainian to reform a Russian….

      1. Knowing the Russians, what comes after Putin is more likely to double down on everything, I’m afraid.

  4. So somehow by some process two of the three most powerful countries in the world are being led by a dementia addled mediocrity on his best day political hack complimented by a Parkinson’s disease wracked delusional paranoid? How did this happen to us?

    1. Fates? Sometimes the string measures just come up short and those women are known to be scissors happy.

  5. Some of the replies indicate that it looks like Parkinson’s.

    Color me skeptical. I can still remember Ken Anthony and others on this blog being absolutely convinced that Hillary Clinton was showing signs of Parkinson’s during the 2016 campaign. People will see what they want to see. No one is immune to confirmation bias.

    1. To be fair, Hillary fell over numerous times, once having been thrown into a van like a sack of potatoes. I don’t know what she is suck with but it isn’t the sniffles as claimed.

      I’m skeptical here only because the only video shown is at a horrible angle. I don’t think very many people are photogenic, especially old, so good angles are needed to get a good picture of their health. He is old, so has to be scared in some way.

    2. “No one is immune to confirmation bias.”

      We don’t know that it was wrong; recent pictures of hillary clinton have her looking very old and not very healthy. One thing to be able to manage carefully controlled relatively few public appearances, different from the stresses and rigors of a presidential campaign. To say nothing of having to be President; if Joe Biden had lost we wouldn’t be seeing much of him now, his weakness/dementia likely well hidden for awhile at least.



  6. The source of the video is a pro-Ukrainian outlet. This explains the off nominal camera angle. Is there an official video to compare his face against? I’m curious because the angle shapes perspective quite a bit on video but there is also the possibility the video was doctored.

    I’m sure Putin has health problems but when we are speculating about them, we should also look for other information that can corroborate or disprove our suspicions.

    Normally, these body language type of videos are accompanied by contrasting video of the same person or additional instances to create the illusion of evidence.

  7. I don’t know about Parkinson’s. I do know that Putin is rarely shown sitting that close to anyone these days. Maybe it’s just anxiety.

    Or it could be a staged video with a lookalike. Who knows?

  8. Remember when giving a diagnosis of a patient one had not personally examined was considered unethical?

    1. In those days it was also unethical for the USA to provide military assistance to Nazis. So, times have changed.

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