5 thoughts on “Progressive Intellectual Life”

  1. Youth always finds a way to upset the apple cart, be it left or right.
    Probably proscribed anon/crypto channels that are wipe on read. The movement gets advanced enough and it develops its own jargon and memes impenetrable to outsiders. “Groovy man, I dig your cop-out.” to the Victorian becomes something like: “10 oh 3, to the 5 0 7” to us… Good luck.

  2. “In foreign policy, the Bush administration used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq and attempted to realize the conservative fantasy of an American global empire”

    Were that this were so. Not only did conservatives not have a fantasy of a global American empire, Bush did not treat Iraq as a conquered vassal.

    I don’t know about the backstabbing stuff they talk about in the 90’s but I do know the author vastly overstates the influence of media on the right. We have always been suspicious of media, even our own. It doesn’t matter what the NRO and NGO types were saying because no one took them seriously.

    I appreciate his appeal to contrarians but… Jonah Goldberg and David French aren’t contrarians. The author should write a new book about the fall of the bobble heads of the right. It would be great to have it all out in the open who was working with the Democrats and the federal government to overthrow Trump in a coup. Talk about the stifling of intellectual thought!

    1. David French is to contrarianism as David Brooks is to conservatism at least as seen by PBS.

  3. I never thought of progressivism as “center-left”. Goodness! What must the far left be up to?

    1. Comrade your aptitude scores are in. Here is your shovel. Your commissar will be here shortly to take your to your brigade. Congratulations your needs and abilities are now fully aligned!

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