7 thoughts on “Footprints On The Moon”

  1. OK, kind of silly…

    The print on the moon? I agree, it should be protected, for all humanity. But who can go and destroy it?

    Right now, nobody. At least from Earth.

  2. Landing on the Moon was the culmination of 300,000 years of human history but why were so many advances made in the last ten thousand and why so many in the last hundred? Nothing just happens, culture counts. We shouldn’t romanticize the contributions of other countries while also minimizing our own, unless we are just being polite.

  3. The plaque at Tranquility Base should have said

    “On July 21, 1969 two American military men set foot on this body, to colonize it. When they left not a living thing remained.”

    1. Armstrong was a Korean War Navy veteran, but he had been a civilian NASA test pilot/astronaut for about 10 years before Apollo 11.

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