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  1. and the mainstream media doesn’t care.
    Au contraire the mainstream media is very much in the bag for Socialism. When was the last time you saw someone asking folks in the heartland what they think of some issue “this or that” on the evening news? Why give voice to the ‘unwashed’?

    As full evidence of Socialist media presence I give you PBS/NPR. Not so Socialist that they won’t take your dirty capitalist dollars in donations or taxes, but God forbid they’d do anything to promote capitalism themselves, even in passing or by accident, on their propaganda news or opinion programs. We want your $, but keep your opinions to yourself. I have a better idea.

    How about I do BOTH? And promote Congressional candidates and a President willing to de-fund state media? The antithesis of the idea behind the First Amendment.

    It’s a small step. But it’s a first step.

  2. Progressivism is a strain of Marxism, so we need to add to the total all the babies killed through abortions. That puts American progressives in good standing with their more famous European, Asian, and African counterparts but is a stain on the soul of our country.

    1. When a person dies in the United States, there are legal requirements. Roughly, there must be a legal pronouncement of death, notification of the local coroner, proper handling of the body, a death certificate, and of course, a police investigation if there is cause for suspicion. I’m not an expert – perhaps there is more to it than that – but I’m certain that we legally may not and morally should not simply be quiet about it when a person dies. Do you want to explain the legal procedure to every pregnant woman who experiences a miscarriage? (See https://www.sciencealert.com/meta-analysis-finds-majority-of-human-pregnancies-end-in-miscarriage-biorxiv) If you really think of abortions as the murder of a child, surely miscarriage (a spontaneous abortion) is the death of a child, and we must act accordingly.

      1. There are an infinite number of strawmen (strawwomen?) that can be argued here. Absolutist positions often lead to legal absurdities. For instance, a similar argument can be made for a fertility lab technician who accidentally drops and destroys a tray of human zygotes. Involuntary manslaughter? Negligent homicide? For an issue that’s 50 years old, and both sides having had longer than that to make up their minds, I find discussion and esp. argumentation a waste of time. A debate would be worthwhile if you could find an impartial jury to decide the winner. You can’t find that either. So debate is also impossible. I don’t have a problem with States legislating as they see fit. I do have a problem if a state tries to enact legislation making it illegal to cross state lines for an abortion. The SCOTUS will have to strike such laws down based on the commerce clause precedent. Similar for a state law against going to a foreign country. If you can’t make crossing state lines illegal, neither can you make it illegal to go outside the country. Equal protection clause. That’s strictly legal interpretations based on precedent. That’s how the law works. That’s all I have to say about law and abortion. Is abortion the killing of a human being? If your definition is human life begins at conception, then the answer is yes, unequivocally.

        1. I forgot to add one point: Is killing a human being a crime? Again the law does not take an absolutist position and carves out exceptions: i.e. for war and self-defense. You may argue (successfully I believe) that because of this, any form of government is morally flawed. Government is not divine and can and does condone sin. That’s why we have religions that allow for forgiveness. In Protestant Christianity the mechanism is known and a matter of personal choice.

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