2 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Second Amendment”

  1. Evangelizing our views on the 2nd amendment to a global audience was one of the things the Obama admin used as justification for spying on Republicans. Talking to foreigners about anything can be construed negatively by the feds but there was that one red head Russian spy so…

    Why wouldn’t Russia infiltrate an organization with views antithetical to Russia operating in countries Russia views as their Mexico and Canada? It is a threat to them but our media portrayed it as Republicans working with the Russians to support gun rights in the USA, as if gun rights activists in the USA are all Russian agents, rather than as Republicans working to undermine Russian influence.

    Isn’t it strange how Democrats are free to work with any number of unsavory foreign groups and governments to weaken the USA and change our form of government without the feds coming down on them but Republicans can’t support American ideals in other countries that undermine tyrants?

  2. What we Americans call the Second Amendment is simply the basic human right to self defense….And anyone who attempts to interfere with those rights is denying those human rights.

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