6 thoughts on “Biden’s Absurd “Cut The Deficit” Claim”

  1. One problem is the dictionary definitions of “deficit” versus “debt”. In a financially struggling household, it may (or not) be wise to “consolidate” so that the family pays a smaller amount each month (and so reduce even in not eliminating over spending, the DEFICIT) but that amount is paying on a larger, longer-term, loan or DEBT. Making the debt bigger may make the deficit smaller, but so long as there is any deficit then reducing the debt is not at all likely.

  2. Simple analogy: ‘Deficit’ is the speed the water rises while ‘Debt’ is how deep the water is… The deeper the water is the harder and longer the job of draining it .

    The classic Medieval solution was to kill all the debt holders and steal their money. Is that the Left’s enddgame strategy?

  3. “We democrats forced the largest peacetime spending splurge in history last year and then this year we didn’t, therefore we have cut the deficit this year”

  4. What they are really saying is they couldn’t spend quite as much money we don’t have this year as last year.

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