6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Derby”

  1. Wow is the understatement of the year! I wish my Mom had lived to see this one. Just incredibl

  2. The jockey was absolutely brilliant in his strategy. Navigating his way through the contenders is a joy to watch.

  3. It also could be a sign of good drugs. Rich Strike wasn’t showing that performance earlier in the race and then suddenly rockets ahead. I guess I get suspicious of good stories like this when it’s so easy to cheat (though perhaps not so easy to cheat undetectably).

  4. Drugs didn’t manage that amazing navigation. Also, after watching some videos about this, I learned that, unlike regular rein control in which pulling the reins tells a horse to stop, a thoroughbred is trained to GO!!! when the reins are pulled. Now watch the video again. You will notice when the reins are being pulled, and I mean, pulled, pulled, pulled! You will also notice that there was no rein pulling when they were boxed in.

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