4 thoughts on “Lysistrata”

  1. “Lysistrata is a story about how men and women balance and complement each other or else face chaos, like many of”

    Can we even catalog the number of stories over the past hundred thousand years where this relationship has been examined?

    “The irony of this is that the evening of the playing field that women wanted, it’s preventing the creation of men with the means and achievements that they actually want to marry.”

    The guy does a great job laying everything out but this isn’t irony but intended. Democrats don’t believe in helping people without hurting people. It isn’t enough to help women, they have to hurt men. You could argue it isn’t intentional but the outcomes are the same.

    I think it is clearly intentional. Their policies could have no other predicable outcomes and it all flows from their espoused ideological goals, when you can get them to honestly state them but even when you can’t, it’s not like we can’t read their books or watch their seminars.

  2. The feminist theory behind female sex strikes is that men need sex but women can take it or leave it. My expeience of cishet women says otherwise. But then these are the same homofeminists who believe all women are “naturally” lesbian and “all penetration is rape.”

    (Immediately, my goofball mind started thinking about the legal aspects of being a naturalized Lesbian…)

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