9 thoughts on “The Shooting In Buffalo”

  1. The official reasoning for censoring the writings of these people is to prevent the contagion from spreading but when no one knows what was said, it means they rely on some authority to relate the gist of it and that means they can lie. This has happened repeatedly with these events. Our media lies about them in order to further their political goals.

  2. A retired police officer working as an armed security guard engaged the shooter to no effect. Apparently he fired hit him but his rounds did nothing. Ended up being fatally wounded by shooter. He (the shooter) was protected by “tactical gear” presumably body armor. Wonder what the security guard was using as far as weapon/caliber and what kind of body armor said 18 year old killer could afford?

  3. As Howie Carr points out; Biden shows up to comfort family in Buffalo but not Milwaukee. Crickets there…. Any crisis that cannot be exploited for this administration’s political agenda is not a crisis.

      1. Desantis to arrange steerage travel for 3am boarding on Princess Cruise Lines’ “Love Boat” from Miami to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

    1. I first heard of Replacement Theory of reddit several years ago. It was being touted by leftists to explain why demographics meant the inevitable triumph of the so-called progressive left over the right.

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