9 thoughts on “A Red-Pilled Treehugger”

  1. It’s too late for California. It won’t get better until there’s a revolution of the undocumented and Sacramento is replaced by a Mexican-style junta. López de Santa Anna’s Revenge. Dude….

    1. The only hope for California is for it to become a territory of the US, and in four or five generations perhaps they can apply for statehood.

  2. It is too late to save CA. Even if sanity broke out tomorrow in its political leadership at all levels, the time to start updating the power and water infrastructure there to support the current population was 10 years ago. CA is going to descend into 3rd world conditions before it can be recovered and several million people are going to have to leave to survive.

    1. When China takes California in lieu of debt payments, they will deal with the population.

      1. So, as regards the stars on the US Flag, make one red? California is already a one-party state. Just because that party turns out to be the CCP doesn’t necessarily disqualify it from Statehood.

  3. I wish him luck. But it’s an uphill battle first to get elected, then to actually implement any of his agenda. I listened to his interview on Joe Rogan, and when it came to his proposals about the homeless problem he sounded almost Trumpesque, saying he’d be willing to fire people to make it work. The question is, can he fire enough incompetent in one term to make anything happen? As well as fight off hundreds of lawsuits that will be generated the instant he starts.

    1. Can you fire anybody who has a union contract, especially a (quote) civil servant (un-quote)…?

      1. Exactly the point. In order to make his Cal-Psych proposal work, I think he’d need to convince the legislature to bypass normal rules and let him hire it’s leaders from experts in their fields. Then give them free rein on hiring the rest. But probably not gonna happen.

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