12 thoughts on “Horse Soldiers And Ukraine”

  1. ““In less than 90 days, less than 100 Green Berets on the ground helped topple the Taliban,” he says.”


  2. quote”Small teams of Ukrainian troops, empowered by their leadership to act and increasingly resourced with arms from the west, are demonstrating what is being achieved. They’ve helped Ukraine devastate Russia’s military, which has lost massive amounts of troops and equipment. And their efforts across Ukraine are bogged down.”

    Sure, that happened, just ask the Ghost of Kiev.

    1. Three posts, two which are just gibberish replies to the first. And you manage to say nothing in the process. I guess this Ukrainian propaganda has you really worked up?

      There must be some reason that Russia hasn’t completely taken over Ukraine by now. That propaganda may have part of the reason why.

      1. The Chinese have a slang term for professional trolls, err, web ‘influencers’ — The Water Army. I figure he (her? it?) needed two more comments to make his (her? its?) quota for the hour.

        1. I thought the term was wu mao jin – not sure about the jin. Wu mao being five dimes, the pay per comment. Half a kuai isn’t much, so while there isn’t a quota, if you wanna eat, you gotta post.

    2. The crazy thing is that losses from disrepair and lack of fuel are just as high as from Ukrainians destroying them. Russia is its own worst enemy.

      I’ve seen far too many dead people and prefer this ends but Russia is in real danger of a punitive expedition by Ukraine.

      Every fighting age male is being trained, armed, and funded by NATO. In an instant, the Ukrainian armed forces could be merged with NATO air power whatever troops we have in the region. It would have to be quick to take out their nukes and prior to winter.

      It is all very risky, despite Russia’s performance.

      1. Eh, I hope not. I hope Putin doesn’t make it out of 2022, due to natural causes. But maybe a stalemate until 2023. I’d be surprised if Putin is still around by 2024. Esp. if he goes “under the knife” for a cancer operation. It’s just way too convenient for what’s left of Russia’s elite for him not to recover from that.

        1. I’d be less concerned if I lived on the other side of town but you never know when the wind will shift.

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