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  1. A very, very good article. It gets to the heart of why we are suffering incredible inflation rate now. You can’t just remove 335,000 barrels of refining per day without impact. And that was only the PES refinery out of the 6 mentioned a total of 1 million barrels of oil per day! What is driving inflation today? I disagree with the economists who blame the one-time stimulus. Maybe for the part that got swallowed up by government for administrative fees yes, but for the most part it went into consumers bank accounts and not directly into the economy. No, the inflation driver today, without question, is the cost of fuel. Which is driving the cost/shortages of everything else. Too much money, chasing too few goods. Not because there is too much money. But because there are too few goods. The problem with the Green Raw Deal is that you can’t impose an alternative energy scheme that is only half-baked. Otherwise you can’t bridge the gap, to what in the end has to be a nuclear economy. And I mean that literally. And we are seeing that bridge-to-nowhere being played out in real-time now.

  2. It’s going to take decades to get this country back on track. The Republican Party needs not only a plan, but a means to get that message out to the public. Right now, even if they had ideas, they are cut off from being able to message.

    1. They have plenty of communication channels. The problem is in the phrase “even if they had ideas”. It’s spoiled grapes kind of thinking. “We wouldn’t be able to message anyway.”

      Well, come up with that message first. Then we have something to talk about.

  3. While we are on the topic of delusions, I want to comment on what I read also in this article, where it states:

    Just as with Lysenkoism or Mao’s war on birds, reliance on delusional theory rather than actual science led to famine and death.

    It’s gone way, way past delusional theory. It is now part of the epistemology. What I would call Delusional Science. Where modelling replaces experiment, and unconfirmed assumptions or excluded complexities are either plugged into or left out of the models, which drives not an objective viewpoint but various confirmation biases. You cannot bridge into the unknown via make-believe.

    Not only bad models, but the overall lack of repeatability of published results is a major crisis in Science.

    I won’t even bother to get into the ‘Wokeist Philosophy’ being injected into STEM, whereby mathematics becomes racist. It all contributes to Junk Science, or as I prefer, Delusional Science.

  4. You guys can relax because the Biden admin is advocating we adopt these agricultural practices to combat high fuel and fertilizer costs, besides it isn’t just better for plants but the planet.

    1. Right. You don’t need fuel, fertilizer or even food when you’re dead. Think of all those flourishing anaerobic bacteria! For awhile anyway.

  5. “We will re-import generic drugs from Shangri-La!”
    There was a nonsensical idea that if a foreign country demanded steep price cuts by threatening to disregard all, repeat all, IPO rights then: “Why not reimport all those cheap drugs back to the USA and everybody is happy?”.

    Magical thinking. We can import food, manufactured goods and resources from “somewhere” because ” ♫ Someone will always produce it as cheap as I want! ♫ “. It ignores the fact that someone has to be willing to sell you stuff at what they consider a “fair price”…

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