14 thoughts on “Schmidt’s Meltdown”

  1. Indeed. I didn’t vote for McCain, I voted for Palin.

    Too bad she got Trump’d and ‘Maverick’ did’t have her back

    1. Kodiak: “Don’t you leave me Mav!”
      Beerwagon: “Mav, what are you doing? Stay with your wingman!”
      Maverick: “Kodiak, you’re all lined up, looking good. I’m gonna go for SNL!”

      Kodiak: Call Sign of S. Palin
      Beerwagon: Call Sign of C. McCain, Maverick’s RIO.
      Maverick: … needs no explanation.

  2. Example 192398773252378 that the wrong people are drawn to politics and aren’t being incentivized to do the right thing.

    1. There is not much else he could have done differently to lose. Especially deciding to quit campaigning at the end there….because of ‘epidemic’!

    2. It almost seemed that as soon as ‘Maverick’ McCain won the GOP nomination he was presented with a horrible truth: All of his “pals” in the MSM only liked him as a useful idiot that sabotages the GOP and soon as that was done they discarded him like a used condom. All of that favorable press he was counting on evaporated as if it was never there…

      1. A very accurate assessment of what transpired.

        I have voted in every Presidential election since 1972 (always Republican), except for 2008. That was partly due to the fact that I had just moved my family from California to Maryland, and hadn’t even had a chance to register to vote, but more due to the fact that I couldn’t bring myself to vote for McCain (and Obama was sufficiently – and deliberately – ill-defined as to not appear to be the destructor of the Republic he was and is).

        I only just now read McCain’s account of his captivity in North Vietnam. I cut him a LOT of slack after that.

  3. The whole campaign had a feel of doom and gloom about it. Almost as if it was up Schmidt’s Creek the whole time.

  4. Actually this has to be the 2nd best run campaign since Geo. HW Bush ran against Bill Clinton in ’92. Even though some people think James Carville was literally screwing the Bush Campaign… Oh, wait.

  5. Only now is McCain’s corruption and insanity coming into the public view.

  6. If he had won the election McCain could have done America one last patriotic service by promptly dropping dead after being sworn in.

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