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  1. Kurt, you should apply your People’s Republic outcome not to the country as a whole but strictly to the swamp in DC.

    I’m looking for a chief executive willing to decentralize the executive and move the agencies out of DC and disperse them throughout the country to places where they can be more effective and shove the model of service over fiefdom up their primus directus.

  2. In another new normal story: Swamp: 1 Durham: 0
    I’m shocked, shocked, to see a judge and jury of partisans return this verdict.

  3. Dunno more sounds like the old rules just don’t work any more. Maybe try something different than throwing money at police and making swat teams.

    As usual, Kurt is making good points.

    What the hell does he want to do? have pre-crime and have government officials deny people second amendment rights preemptively ? I am sure that won’t get abused. Or what arming the groomers who can’t be trusted to select there own teaching material or have un-moderated discussions with children. I guess that leaves the 6 year olds, I am sure that will work. Funny Kurt finally found a police force he wants to hold accountable, well besides the ones who guard the capitol.

    For solution
    I dunno how bout revoking this hideous market perverting law. Why Should sellers and gun manufacturers get limited liability? They and their bought politicians have created and supported a toxic and gross gun culture that is no way the responsible gun ownership that the NRA Championed before it was captured by industry and the industry’s “groomed” clients. Maybe if they are held responsible they stop making a tool that look like a piece of role playing kit. Big hammer doesn’t make their hammers look like this and try to encourage their clear murdering power. &ltsarc&gt After all 2000$ is overkill for use against 5 year olds and women when a 10$ hammer can do the job just as well when you have a hour. &lt/sarc>.

    I dunno maybe holding them accountable will prevent them, from marketing to and being encouraging of behavior of people who clearly have a mental illness.

    As usual see our host have been having normal one on twitter
    Narrator’s narrator: If the protectee truly believed, what the group he speaking in front of believes, he can always ask secret service to remove his protection detail. After all anything government supplied is failure wouldn’t he be much better off with private security and everyone in the meeting packing?

    Oh that right the people who speak most fiercely about socialism, certainly love free stuff and socializing the risks and the occasional making their political enemies pay at gun point.

      1. I hope the part of its brain that spewed that disinformation doesn’t do actual Engineering.

      1. Hi Ed I am the kind of engineer that knows the difference between AC/DC current unlike some other recovering kind. One that might figure a sprinkler system might be using solenoids that are AC driven instead of the inefficient DC ones kind. One that can read a schematic and well just read. That just a small part of the kind of engineer I am capiche?

          1. There was no schematic, you moron

            sphincter says what?

            Ed you can add a type of engineer that knows what a schematic is .
            In case Rand is too but just can read his own comment board see.
            George Turner
            January 18, 2021 At 2:40 PM

        1. Well somebody dug up that horse and needed to beat the skeleton some more. While the flies are buzzing around the carcass, interesting that it uses a 4-bit Epsom microcontroller, the S1C6200 variant SMC62A33. Mask programmable only. No I2C or JTAG appearently. But there was an in-circuit emulator sold for it for development purposes. All you need is an IBM PC/AT running MS-DOS to hook it up. I’d have to do some more digging to find a modern programmable replacement that you could glue to the top of this chip, parallel the leads and clip the power off the original chip. Getting the original program out of the ROM could be a bitch tho outside of a die probe.

          Interesting this supports a 24VAC external pump motor. The drive electronics through the SCR/TRIAC are beefier. Wonder if this can be operated independently of the sprinklers? Rand, you have any ornamental water needs? It also appears to support wireless operation.

          1. Interesting this supports a 24VAC external pump motor. The drive electronics through the SCR/TRIAC are beefier. Wonder if this can be operated independently of the sprinklers? Rand, you have any ornamental water needs? It also appears to support wireless operation

            Schematic wasn’t the exact model Rand has, it appears it was a higher end older model. The wireless feature was why George was able to find the schematic . But sure the output circuit is similar to the one in Rand’s short of a few extra driving posts and the pump drive. Looking at this.

            Well somebody dug up that horse and needed to beat the skeleton some more. While the flies are buzzing around the carcass,

            Hey I regularly get questioned on my nom de plum , and I am the engineer type that provides data to support my assertions and conclusions.
            Well to deliver the coup de grace to it zombie bones. What do I see in Red on the labels for the terminal strip, that a certain sphincter would be looking at as it was measuring voltages from say?
            Home Depot got a similar picture now though I swear it wasn’t there 12 months ago it was only cover on picture.

  4. “Why Should sellers and gun manufacturers get limited liability?”

    For the same reason that knife manufacturers, baseball bat manufacturers, hammer manufacturers, car manufactures, airplane manufacturers – all devices used to murder people – aren’t held liable.

    It’s a stupid idea on the face of it.

  5. “We are really having trouble finding those good guys with a gun aren’t we?”

    The good guys with guns were not allowed in the school at Uvalde in the first place, before the massacre, to protect those kids. Because fools argue against hardening schools. By, for example, allowing school staff who want to be in there to train and carry if they want to .

    Nor were they allowed to enter the school after the shooting started.

    In any shooting situation, a good guy with a gun will ALWAYS be stopped by the police from entering the building.

    Your arguments are beyond lame. They are screechy, preachy, baseless, and quite frankly, stupid.

    If you want to complain about something, complain about how the shooter was known as a problem kid and, once again, that info was ignored.

      1. Uh yeah. From various news sources such as MSN and Townhall:

        Ramos’s since-removed Instagram account featured photos of a young man with shoulder-length hair, his eyes closed. The account also included images of two assault rifles and a plastic gun magazine.

        There were problems between Ramos and his mother, which were bad enough that police were called, and he had a history of harming himself, once showing up to a park with self-inflicted cuts on his face, US media reported.

        The gunman — who communicated on Facebook about his intention to attack an elementary school — fled the scene in a car wearing a tactical vest and armed with a rifle.

        He then crashed outside Robb Elementary, got out, and headed for the school, where a law enforcement officer confronted him, but did not prevent the ensuing massacre.

        The killer was also known for cutting his face, shooting at people with a BB gun and being a loner.

        The only window into his intentions yesterday was a series of Facebook posts that outlined his plan to attack the elementary school in the small border city.

        The same Instagram account was deleted shortly after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott identified him as the shooter. It featured photos and stories of semiautomatic firearms—as well as selfies of someone who strongly resembled a photo of the killer shared by the Texas Department of Public Safety. A TikTok account with the same handle and profile picture, also taken offline on Tuesday, featured only a clip of a mobile game and the line “Kids be scared IRL.” Both accounts used the bio line TheBiggestOpp.

        The Instagram account posted an image three days before the shooting of two rifles, including what appeared to be a Daniel Defense AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine. Another image from April 28 showed someone holding a magazine.

        Police were at his house several times breaking up screaming matches between the shooter and his mother.

        Now some of those Facebook entries were too close to the event to be intercepted in a timely manner.

        No history of mental illness. So maybe some might pass all the above off as “normal”. I wouldn’t. Not these days.

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