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  1. “There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI,” jury forewoman declares after verdict.

    I guess someone ought to pass the word to Judge Emmet Sullivan.

    1. Headline to be submitted to the Babylon Bee:
      Jury forewoman admits, jury decided to convict in Sussman case, but then decided to lie to the judge about it because sentencing phase “Just not worth the court’s time”.

  2. The MSM doesn’t bother to fact check Clueless Joe’s speeches either given the new normal.

    1. Well, to be fair, they’d have to listen to Joe speak to be able to fact check him, and who’d be enough of a masochist to willingly listen to that senile old fart ramble on?

      1. “Well, to be fair, they’d have to listen to Joe speak to be able to fact check him, and who’d be enough of a masochist to willingly listen to that senile old fart ramble on?”

        The old style democratic party boss system should have addressed this at the democratic convention. The so called superdelegates (created for just such situations) at the convention should have been used to nullify the primary results eliminating biden. The leaders of the democratic party couldn’t be that bloody stupid; surely they could see that biden was struggling cognitively. They could have found a reasonably competent democratic governor or something and replaced biden with them. The public would have bitched about that but in the in would likely have fallen behind the democratic nominee and voted for them.

  3. In other fake news of the day:
    US District Court orders federal marshals to obtain from DC voter registrars, lists of registered Democratic voters and from the national office of the Democratic National Committee for a list of its key members who reside in the DC district to call as potential jurors for Durham trials going forward.

    1. …and this:
      New York State to consider ‘dunking law’.
      In an effort to economize government expenditure in the judical branch, the New York State Assembly is considering a new law that would allow declared Republicans in the State who plead not guilty in any criminal or civil case to opt. for spending 1 hour submerged in a dunk tank as opposed to trial by jury. If they drown during that interval they would be adjudged not guilty. If not, guilty. An official for the NY State’s Attorney’s office says such a move would save the State money, “Not because it would reduce the time for jury deliberation. Studies have shown the time involved would be the same. The savings come from reduced staff and juror services needed.” Other studies have shown that in nearly all cases the trial outcomes in terms of verdicts, would be the same, thus having little impact on due process. It is expected the new law, if adopted, would be rolled out in phases, starting with the districts serving New York City, where the savings would be most dramatic.

  4. Shrinking these bureaucracies is the best punishment.
    1/2 their budget. If don’t improve, 1/2 them again.

    1. Let’s try the old Roman punishment of decimation. The soldiers would line up, every tenth man was marked, and then the other nine tenths would have the duty to beat the marked men to death.

      Or maybe have all the bureaucrats in a building gather in the auditorium (there’s always an auditorium) and then they wheel in a bingo cage filled with balls with everyone’s name on it. Start pulling names from the cage and escort those named from the auditorium directly to the street. Send them the contents of their cubicle in poorly taped boxes shipped by USPS Parcel Post.

    1. “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.”
      Much of governing is like making sausages in that you really don’t want to look to closely at the process… You just hope that the self interest and stupidity doesn’t clog the machine too much.

  5. I’ve been listening to Ministry’s “Thieves” far too much of late:


    Every now and then I get the faint inklings of an urge to run for public office to try to start doing something about the utter mess we are in, but then I remind myself that I’m a libertarian (Classical liberal with strong Objectivist tendencies), an atheist, a crusty old white male, and probably half a dozen other things that automatically make me “ineligible”, like not being compromised in any way that would make me controllable. Whew, dodged a bullet there…

    Besides, I’m having fun delivering success for my company. Unless you’ve got a job managing a Moon project I’m not interested in any kind of political effort.

    That being said, I do vote. Dr. Ron Paul was my first Presidential vote and I’ve voted Libertarian ever since. But I’ve made it a point for several elections now to not vote for a single Republican or Democrat anywhere on the ticket. I consider both parties equally culpable for the situation we are in, and neither one merits my support. I’d sooner vote for a Wiccan for County Treasurer than a Republican or Democrat. I’ve had it.

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