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  1. One thing learned in that UFO craze of a half-century ago is that most people are terrible at identifying phenomena outside their normal expertise. Not only that, but a lot of people are trained to make assumptions about what they see, and proceed accordingly. Pilots, for example, are taught to assume that if you see a flying speck out in the blue or among the clouds, it’s an airplane and a potential foe/hazard. Add in the inability of people to accurately judge distances and size without any referents, and you get reports of the physically impossible.

    Years ago I was camped out in northern Nevada about ten miles from I-80. In the dark, could see the lights of vehicles descending one of the passes. A few hours later, I had just woke up in the back of my pickup when I noticed it getting bright inside, and the light was moving. I though someone was outside, shining a flashlight on my truck. No. My eyes were dark adapted, and the headlights from I-80, miles away, were making noticeable shadows inside my vehicle.

    (“The X-Files” was not a documentary.)

  2. NASA is too low in the government food-chain to be effective in the role of “investigating” UAP/UFO’s. DOD (at least parts of it) have known that they (UFO’s) were real for decades and hid that information from Congress and even in part the White house. Can’t picture NASA having the clout to pry information loose from the CIA/DIA/NSA Space Command etc.; they are the ones who would have the requisite classified data from satellites, radar thermo-imaging, other detections technologies, etc.

    1. We know that their our drones of terrestrial origin Wodun; the key would be the 144 cases where said UAP’s exhibit one or more of the five observables:

      In a May, 2021 interview with CBS 60 Minutes, Luis Elizondo laid out the “five distinct observables that set this technology aside from everything we have in our inventory”:

      “Imagine a technology that can do six to seven hundred g forces, that can fly at 13,000 miles per hour, that, uh, can evade radar, and that can fly through air, and water and possibly space, and oh by the way has no obvious signs of propulsions, no wings, no control surfaces and yet can still defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.”


      Nobody really thinks the Russians/Chinese or any other foreign agent has tech like that. Who does that leave Earth wise SPECTRE?


      If so we should expect their demands at some point…

  3. Until someone shows me an Extraterrestrial tourist wearing a Hawaiian floral shirt and drinking out of a glass with a little umbrella — I am *very* suspicious of UFOs. Unless it is the following Tautological Statement: “Humanity is not all-knowing and therefore omniscient ergo there will always be ‘Unidentified Phenomena’ that will be eventually explained”.

    –I just don’t see why NASA has to spend taxpayer’s money on it. Declare a DARPA style “UFO Prize” Contest and wait for results.

  4. So has anyone seen the specifics of NASA’s Extraterrestrial Outreach Program? Does it involve a series of mathematical equations showing that we will work at menial jobs for low wages in exchange for transportation to their inner worlds?

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