One thought on “On Being A Leftist”

  1. “In 2014, while studying the jihadists of Luton, I notice how their beliefs compel them to aggressively engage in dawah, or proselytization. Influenced by Richard Dawkins’ meme theory, I begin to view Islam not as a framework for understanding the world but as a parasite of the mind that commandeers its host’s behavior to make them spread it to other people, like Toxoplasma gondii. In 2017 I come to understand that this is true of all successful ideologies; a belief system survives and reproduces not if it’s calibrated to be true, but if it’s calibrated to be easily transmitted and easily believed. If it isn’t, we never hear of it.

    The most successful ideology in the West today, wokeism, has succeeded because it’s perfectly configured, not to establish social justice, but to establish more copies of itself. It’s a memetic superbug evolved for contagion rather than truth or compassion, and if contaminating others requires it to delude the senses, twist the truth, and darken the heart, then so be it.”

    It seems wokeism is like fashion- and fashion has disappeared.
    And as result, people are just ugly.

    I didn’t imagine I could miss the obsession of fashion.

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