6 thoughts on “Space Solar Power”

  1. Because of the possibility of dual-use, like nuclear power, space solar may end up becoming commercialized primarily as a result of an arms race in space and secondarily because access to space became cheap enough to allow it.

  2. They keep doing these things that people say are impossible for them to do because their country sucks.

    1. Among those ‘that people’ I presume you mean they don’t mean impossible, they mean impossible because their country sucks without guidance from racist white progressives….

      1. It is mostly people on the right whose pride in their own country blinds them to the capabilities of other countries. How many times have we been told it is impossible for China to do something only for them to do it? Space stations, mars rovers, space based ASAT tech, and on and on.

        Before anyone wants to chime in with a but…

        Yes, America is very cool and we can do a lot of things. That doesn’t mean other people can’t do cool things too, especially when they have open access to our government and military. Is it possible to talk about China without a but America response to change the subject?

        1. I don’t disagree with that analysis either. But I think we can put away the argument that transforming the Chinese economy into a free market capitalist system would reform the CCP. Ask anyone who lives in Hong Kong.

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