8 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Capricious Energy Policy”

  1. I don’t know about you, but I for one am tired of this administration’s War On Energy.

    1. On the other hand, speaking of energy, I can’t think of a better mascot for the War on Energy than Sleepy Joe at the last climate summit.

    2. Speaking of, a semi-regular blogger on Hot Air writes, ” I’ve said before (on Twitter) that I don’t think there’s much Biden or any president can do under these circumstances except wait it out while the Fed takes action and we all try to get through this. There’s no magic wand.”

      He is a correct. There is no magic wand. The thing that drove prosperity under Mr. Trump was low-cost hydrocarbon fuel, and the one thing that can turn things around is to do a U-turn on the things making hydrocarbon fuel expensive., justifying this if needed as a Leninist New Economic Policy required by the then Russian Civil War, the now Ukraine War.

      This is the one thing Mr. Biden cannot do because he lacks the power of will to override his advisors and change course.

      They don’t make Communists like they used to either. One of the things anti-Communists tried to explain about Communism is that it is an overarching vision, but Communists are willing to (temporarily) reverse course on any policy if it contributes, long term, to that vision. I haven’t spoken to any Communists about this, but the anti-Communist Conservatives I had listened to claimed the Communist explains this as driving a hammer — you need to make a reverse stroke to position your arm to make the next hammer blow.

      A reverse stroke on environmental policy could be justified because if you only move forward, you will lose the House and the Senate and put the anti-environmentalists in control. Reversing course would be a means to the long-term goal of environmentalism, but the environmental faction appears to not take a big picture view as Communists once did.

  2. It hasn’t been a disaster in the context of its objectives. The destruction of economy and the middle class are its objectives and it is succeeding wonderfully.

    1. I’ve said this before, but I think the Biden Administration’s goal was getting “a little bit pregnant.”

      They were fine with gas increased from two dollars to $3.50 a gallon to ease the transition to a zero-carbon future, but they lost control and have 5, 6 dollars a gallon, which is killing their political viability.

      I also think there are people in the college-town bubble who don’t think that 5,6 or more dollars a gallon is a problem.

  3. It is one thing to want to transition to all electric everything but preventing new generation at capacity while simultaneously destroying a society that uses petroleum for almost everything doesn’t make much sense, except that John Fisher notes what their intentions really are.

    1. If the new technology makes sense it’ll displace the old over time without the government choking the old with a jack-boot.

  4. “The White House and its allies are circulating a misleading talking point that the Biden administration is overseeing the most oil production in U.S. history.”


    “Is America Really Producing More Oil Under Biden Than Trump? No, Obviously Not.”

    “The claim from Democrats that domestic production is higher now than during the Trump administration is based on a comparison of four-year averages that includes the tremendous drop in economic activity at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Domestic oil production under Biden has yet to come close to the pre-pandemic levels reached under the prior administration, a more detailed Free Beacon analysis found.”

    “Some industry analysts point to macroeconomic trends out of the Biden administration’s control, such as oil companies’ reluctance to invest in new drilling sites because of shareholder pressure, as reasons for lower domestic production. That explanation, Wilson says, does not tell the full story.”

    “Another thing that’s inhibiting these guys from drilling is uncertainty about what this administration was and is going to do,” Wilson said, referring to new and potential future regulations against the oil and gas industry. “The bottom line is that when Trump was president, these companies started producing and oil was cheaper.”


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