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      1. The left wants to compromise? OK, take sound suppressors off the NFA, speed up the tax stamp processing (the last one I got took 11 months, I understand it takes longer now), and get rid of the 1986 act entirely.

  1. Right. If they were to uphold the Constitution, they would have said “Shall not be abridged, means leave them alone and we’re serious”

  2. In a similar vein I hope they reverse Roe v Wade as well. Regardless of how you feel about abortion the Supreme Court badly overreached when it decided there was a constitutional right to abortion which isn’t even mentioned however obliquely in the Constitution. The legislature (or the people by state ballot initiatives) are supposed to make the laws not unelected largely unaccountable appointed for life federal judges.

    1. “… I hope they reverse Roe v Wade as well”


      US Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

      The power of a politician (Trump) who keeps his word (made his judicial appointments including SCOTUS from a list of judicial potential nominees that he said he would follow, and that he released before 2016 election. He stuck to it for the most part).

      No wonder the left hates/fears him so.

  3. And while we’re at it I would take a swing at qualified immunity as well. The idea that police officers and other government officials have an almost unlimited protection against being sued pretty much no matter what they do; another example unconstitutional legislating from the bench.

      1. “Alas, this Supreme Court strengthened qualified immunity a few days ago.”

        Sorry to hear that, too bad. The trouble is that since it (qualified immunity) was basically created by SCOTUS out of stuff and nonsense there is no statue/law for those opposed to it to argue in court as to its “Constitutionality”. They would be in the unfortunate position of arguing in court that the court itself acted unconstitutionally; and not even a lower federal court since SCOTUS itself created it. Good luck with that.

      2. My understanding is they simply declined to hear the case on it. But I could be thinking of the wrong thing.

  4. The true story of Uvalde is not so straight forward. I encourage ALL true Christians to SUPPORT the Uvalde Police. The role of Joe Biden, AOC, Faschist Fauci, and the rest of the radical left has not been revealed yet – this was orchestrated by the radical left to a) repeal the 2nd ammendement and b) commit the non elites to servitude. Do the phrases “ACAB” and “Defund the Police” sound familiar? The LEFT WANTS US TO TURN ON THE POLICE! The Uvalde police are brave patriots and Christians.

    Do we know who Pete Arredondo voted for? I be he’s a democrat.

    1. His political donations are all to Act Blue, including money earmarked for Beta, so that’s a safe bet.

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