6 thoughts on “The White Working Class”

  1. Hypocritical take after hypocritical take but its not like their audience can grasp them.

    “Democratic solutions to worker travails will mostly differ from those proposed by Republicans, of course, but Democrats can fruitfully borrow a page from how Trump communicated with workers. ”

    People who bust their ass all day and don’t want hand outs do indeed look down on those who don’t and it doesn’t matter what economic group you be!omg too. Look at Musk’s views on work or anyone in the middle class who started out poorer than poor.

    After the couched accusations of racism and being wrongly judgemental, because Vance has to be a bigot, the piece focuses on class groups but the Democrats will continue losing white voters because Democrats are explicitly racist against white people.

    There are no free money programs that will win people over when the Democrats are overtly loud and proud about their racism.

    1. To the author’s credit, it was a Politico piece that didn’t make me want to scratch my eyes out. He came about as close as is possible to admitting that the working lower middle class (and the conservatives) have a point about cultural problems being primary in the poorest without ever actually considering the possibility.

  2. It would be really nice if you added a little contextual help to posts like this, such as “The following link will take you to Politico. You have been warned.”

  3. The galling part isn’t that they want to force people to use nothing but electricity but that they also don’t want you to use electricity.

    1. What’s bizarre about where I live is the heating with wood is extremely popular even though the environmental consequences of that would be devastating to the forestry and air quality in my area should everyone switch to that. The one noun you can count on when it comes to being “green” is inconsistency.

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