Brad Blair

He was one of the leading lights in the space-mining community. He reportedly passed away last night. From an email:

I have sad news. This morning, Laura Blair informed me that Brad Blair passed away last night from a heart attack. He leaves behind his wife and three young children, plus his adult children. Brad is one of my closest friends and I agreed to help Laura by communicating this to his friends and associates in his professional community. His untimely passing is a shock to all of us and I know it will sadden many in the space resources community.

I intend to establish a scholarship trust for Brad’s children, though I have never done such a thing, so any help would be appreciated. I intend to ask companies to donate to the trust. They are extremely bright children and I want them to follow in Brad’s footsteps into the space resources community.

I also intend to continue to pursue his inventions to benefit his children. I have filed or am preparing to file several patent applications for him and want to make sure those get granted and sold to companies that will use them. I’ll be reaching out for leads on who I should approach as I do not know everyone like Brad does.

Please convey this message to any in your part of the community I missed. I know his influence was broad and I will miss many people.


Nathan Davis


Perhaps some of my readers can help.

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  1. I didn’t know any of these people but my advice is to keep any money for the children liquid. Most colleges are scandalously overpriced and in the future index funds or crypto or housing may be a better investment. More concretely, in post-sanity America having a “college fund” can actually result in a higher bill after going through the financial aid process. And houses can be lived in.

  2. So sorry to hear this! I knew Brad from the Albuquerque SPACE days. A fine fellow and a kind one. I wish his family the best.

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