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  1. “Not yet a human.” So what… Isn’t that what the Democrats said about their slaves and former slaves until the mid-1960s?

  2. Well to be fair, I agree that Democrats aren’t human. So kind of them to start labeling themselves!

  3. One of those Aliens, obviously. But it should’ve burst out when it was a lot smaller.

    Oh well, I guess the “host” doesn’t eat spaghetti too often….😈

      1. Someone didn’t do the assign reading did they?
        I Didn’t even read it fully to get to this part.

        “I feel like it’s important for me to be out here and let everyone know my religion says that that life begins with the first breath,” she said. “It’s in the Torah, and it’s in the Old Testament.”


        Unfortunate this poor woman life going to be a living hell for the next few months she has an extensive digital footprint/history as she has becomes Emmanuel Goldstien 2 min of hate object of the online right.

        1. Poor dear. She has decided to deny the humanity of the being she is carrying inside her in a very public way for a very political purpose, and those who comment on it are the meanies. Since she has apparently chosen to bring the being to full term, she obviously believes something of value is growing inside her. I suspect she doesn’t really believe it isn’t human, but is willing to say so to make a political point.

          1. Her Faith says other wise. Who are you to explain what her faith means to her? Or do you support exorcising people on their faith? She has publicly before this expressed how much her faith means to her and has spent good portion of her life dedicated to her faith and educating those on her faith. So to accuse her of being political is disingenuous or uninformed at best.

            The people mocking her have stripped her of that important context and those who will harass her won’t care and it may even encourage them further.

          2. Her faith is in conflict with biological fact. She must know this. Again, she isn’t out there preaching her faith. She’s trying to make a political point and is being called out on it.

          3. The people mocking her have stripped her of that important context and those who will harass her won’t care and it may even encourage them further.

            Yeah, her employer will be identified and a coordinated attack will force them to fire her and leave her unable to get another job. Her home address will be publicized and she’ll get repeatedly SWAT’ed and red-painted crowds will regularly assemble outside her front door with bullhorns and cans of spray paint at the ready. She’ll be followed everywhere and harassed routinely.

            Your lack of self awareness would normally be cause for sympathy, but you’re such a dimwitted little prick I doubt most sentient beings are capable of it.

        2. Talmud derived law would essentially answer the question that life begins at birth with the first breath. Acceptance of that idea would solve the abortion question. But then I’ve seen the videos showing a late term abortion procedure and its effects on the fetus. It’s pretty horrific to watch. Which does one choose? Science or Faith? I don’t have an answer. I am also not a woman. I will not pretend to speak for them.

          1. Guess what Bethany Mandel’s faith is

            Well the answer to that is WWGSD?

            Well pretty clear Mrs.Mandel nee Murphey has a different faith. She also converted to a faith then wanted to institute changes to it and when they didn’t play ball she stopped practicing until she found a community more agreeable so there is that.

          2. So you are now questioning someone else’s faith because it doesn’t fit your agenda? Gee how surprising.

          3. No I didn’t I just said she had a different faith than the photographed person, She joined the ‘similar’ faith but “she had notes” when they didn’t change to suit her views she took her ball and went home until she found another more agreeable. I didn’t make fun of it or question her faith.

          4. Before you decide who’s of the faith and who isn’t, you might want to read up on abortion laws in Israel, a place that may know a thing or two about Judaism. Their laws make the Mississippi one look like abortion on demand. The point is the lady in the photo believes she is carrying life of some kind and is willing to make the sacrifices needed to bring it to term. That contradicts with her political message that what she is carrying can be disposed of.

          5. Before you decide who’s of the faith and who isn’t, you might want to read up on abortion laws in Israel, a place that may know a thing or two about Judaism. Their laws make the Mississippi one look like abortion on demand.

            Really? So Mississippi providing free abortions? Maybe someone needs to go back to reading and doing research instead of believing everything someone tells them. And assigning agency to someone else actions instead of finding out what there reasoning is. And Mississippi is only a matter of days from most certainly not being abortion on demand.

        3. Engineer scribbled:

          “Someone didn’t do the assign reading did they?
          I Didn’t even read it fully to get to this part.

          “I feel like it’s important for me to be out here and let everyone know my religion says that that life begins with the first breath,” she said. “It’s in the Torah, and it’s in the Old Testament.””

          And someone – YOU – has a reading comprehension problem:

          She mentions both the Torah and the Old Testament. How do you conclude from that that she is Jewish? She could be Christian by that sentence.

          Brush up on your reading and logic skills. Or stop calling yourself an “engineer”

          1. Maybe he drives a choo-choo? Probably the Lionel ones.

            Back in the 60s, I was watching some talk show with my little sister (who must’ve been about 8) and the hosts were asking random audience members what they did for a living, and a lot of the men said “engineer.” I was thinking civil engineer, which in those days didn’t take a degree, when my sister piped up, “I didn’t realize there were so many trains!”

          2. Again someone didn’t do the assign reading, Boy everyone want to make idiot of themselves around here. Previous 2 Paragraphs before the section i snipped in my comment from the article I linked to twice already.

            {Photographed Woman}, who is 32 and nine months pregnant, showed up with her 1-year-old son, Abraham, and the words “Not Yet a Human” written in ink across her swollen belly.
            {Photographed Woman}, a Jewish educator who said her due date is Saturday, considers the Supreme Court ruling an infringement on her religion.

            Reason I call myself a engineer is I present data and back it up and do my research unlike, the slack jaw intelligentsia around here who just shoot from the hip. So anyone else want to step forward and self recognize as a lazy dunce who can’t read?

            Though guess it matter for course for people who comment on a website of a “Recovering engineer” who doesn’t know what AC current is and doesn’t recognize what a schematic is.

          3. Engineer scribbled:

            “Again someone didn’t do the assign reading, Boy everyone want to make idiot of themselves around here.”

            Yes you sure do.

            So you’ve demonstrated that you have no skill in presenting a case. If you want to say she’s Jewish then you should have presented the statement that she is Jewish. Not her statement talking about the Torah and the Old Testament.

            I did make one mistake: I commented on exactly what you wrote. I forgot that you don’t know logic.

          4. Oh and by the way Non-Engineer:

            Just because you post some link to an article doesn’t mean people will necessarily read it – nor are obliged to. And if they don’t, it doesn’t mean they failed.

            You do not hand out reading assignments. – no matter how professorial you think you are. And nobody is obliged to read them. So bugger off with the “reading assignment” piffle.

            I went by what you wrote. And what you wrote was garbage.

            Like most of what you write.

  4. It’s one of those discussions that needs to be had, and a societal compromise which needs to be made: when does a human life start?

    Mine may not be a popular definition, but it is not unconsidered. Human life begins with first breath. That’s it. First breath? Welcome to humanity!

    This does not mean I am a fan of abortion. Ideally we’d live in a world where there are no or few unwanted pregnancies, in a society where women feel no need to have a child to escape a bad situation or to get free money from the government. Not gonna happen, so we also have to come to terms with the fact that the use of abortifacients well predates human civilization. It will happen, whether we like it or not.

    So a societal compromise needs to be made. That compromise will be part of what defines us as U.S. culture, but it will also be a means of moving back towards the “unum” in “e pluribus unum”

    1. My compromise is that womyn have have abortions whenever religious courts say they can. It’s the multicultural thing to do.

      Of course, for the sake of intellectual consistency, a Jewysh wombon would be required to live in complete accordance with the Oral Torah. (This would also be a stimulus for the mikveh and crockery industries.)

    2. I think human life starts slightly before conception.

      I think this is not a binary thing, and fetuses should gain more rights as they get older. When should abortion be “legal” is not really the question. “Abortion” is legal at age 52 in the cases of self defense or defense of others. It is also legal to make awful triage decisions during an emergency.

      Abortion for convenience is wrong at any stage. Abortion for birth defects, for example, is a terrifying decision that the courts should have very little place in.

      Honestly, I’m not sure a “good” solution exists.

      1. Ah, the magnesium flare thing when the egg accepts the sperm. That was quite an interesting discovery I have to admit.

        Honestly, I don’t think there is a good solution either. However, I do have some faith that the plethora of solutions that will be implemented in the various States will be a good exercise in figuring out some “best” practices going forward. Maybe even paternal rights might get a voice. Oh who am I kidding, that’ll never happen.

  5. “moving back towards the “unum” in “e pluribus unum””


    Everyone seems to have this unstated assumption that unity is good for some bizarre reason. I have no desire to dominate New York and California, much less places on the opposite side of the damn planet. And it doesn’t matter how many people vote for or against it, it isn’t going to change what I see as my rights or my own conscience. Frankly, unity with these people is becoming ever more repulsive. We would be much better off splitting up. How are we supposed to share a nation with these people who will always have a knife at our backs?

    It’s breathtakingly obvious that democracy (or democratic republics, or whatever) do not scale. Too much bigger than Switzerland, and it stops becoming about the interests of people with actual common interests, and becomes some imperial grudge-match about domination and submission. Enough of the superstates and shitty empires.

    1. Also, before anyone makes the point that bigger nations will always end up beating smaller ones in war, and that’s why the equilibrium is some world-engulfing super tyranny:

      Really? From what I see, the dinosaurs are almost incapable of functioning: The bigger they get, the more of their human potential they waste, to the point of obscenity.

      Russia may be winning the Ukraine war, but it’s looking pretty pyrrhic for everyone involved, ourselves included.

      SpaceX is a little ten-thousand-strong “nation” that is capable of putting men in space, and none of the great world-striding colossi can seem to manage the trick themselves anymore.

      A few dozen physicists from continental Europe were a little nation that managed to develop the atomic bomb, and the vast security state that grew up around attempting to manage them can’t manage to keep the stockpile working, no matter how many maxwell smart doors and secret stickers they try to keep the knowledge from escaping with.

    2. FWIW, you’ve always had knives at your back, whether you are aware of it or not. Sometimes these are random, and sometimes these have nothing to do with your ideology (as they are undertaken by psycho- and sociopaths and so it’s about -their- ideology). Just saying this as someone who has been this )( close to different bomb plots that were luckily foiled, the Atlantic Ave. subway plot in the late 90s (that was my stop for going from Ft. Greene to work at BNP), and the Strasbourg Christmas Market plot in 2000 (I had gotten an overwhelming urge to go to Norway the day before, and so did). It might be a random armed carjacker who doesn’t care about you, just your car.

      I’ve also found, as someone who has lived in some seriously sketchy neighborhoods like Ft. Greene in NYC or Red Bird in South Dallas, that if you’re a good neighbor you can generally live in peace and contentment. You don’t have to respect your neighbors opinions, but you do have to respect that they’re free to have them.

      That being said, I doubt there are many who would want some foreign invader to come in and try to tell us what to do with our country. That’s the kind of unum I’m talking about. We can figure things out for ourselves, it may just take a while.

  6. Seen a lot of horrendous takes from lolbertarians on this issue. But keep thinking you guys are superior to everyone…

  7. In my personal experience (as a partner of several pregnant women), I’d vote for life begins at “quickening.” This suggests abortion about to about 12 weeks, since that’s the earliest quickening on record. It’s a few weeks after brainstem activity begins. It’s also better for the emotional health of the women, in my observation. Putting a baby up for adoption is hard, but so is late term abortion. Hard on me, too, and I was only the ambulatory bag of sperm. Anyways, probably zygotes don’t get civil rights, and many to most of them don’t make it anyway. We are all products of a grim rule sieve.

    1. Please define what you mean by “quickening”. The only thing that comes directly to mind is the film The Highlander.

      1. It’s a standard term that’s been in use for centuries, so you could look it up. There’s even a wikipedia entry! However… a fetus is said to have “quickened” when the pregnant woman becomes aware of its movements in her uterus, via the sensory nerves of the uterine wall. This typically happens at 14 weeks, but women become more sensitive to it the more pregnancies they’ve had. Brainstem activity begins at 6 – 8 weeks, and movement can be seen on ultrasound not long after that, gradually growing more pronounced. Some women have reported quickening as early as 12 weeks, when the baby is traditionally said to have “come alive.”

  8. Abortion isn’t the issue the left is upset about. They wanted the Supreme Court to be able to make law, and thus control of SCOTUS means control of the country no matter what happens in elections.

  9. Unless you are prepared to chain pregnant women to a bed it is literally impossible to stop an abortion if a woman doesn’t want to carry to term.

    She will fall down a staircase, a coat hanger in a dark alley, a trip to a country that allows them. And the idea that men are free to rape and impregnant a women and forcer to carry his offspring to term .. is about as heartless as you can be.

    I can’t wait to see conservative republicans vote to increase childcare services which will start to increase.

      1. I dunno, a word like “impregnant” my be useful… Anyways, a serious proposal to take away women’s civil rights and reduce them to chattel slavery might be something an overwhelming majority of white, black, hispanic, and Asian men could agree on, now that they’ve seen what came of doing it the other way. If I could’ve had a girlslave when I was young, it would have made me work diligently and stay out of trouble. These days, I’d rather have a sexbot, but when I was young they didn’t even have RealDolls, just those stupid blow-up things…

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