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    1. I bought him lunch once back in the mid-80s. One of our true pioneers. And, even then, he had some arrows in his back to prove it. His collection of such has, of course, grown considerably since then.

  1. 7.6M diameter. I assume they are building their business case on ther availability of Starship?

    1. They should add another .02 m for the 2A meme potential.

      I am mildly surprised that they tout deorbit capability. That’s Oldspace thinking. Boost stuff into safe orbits so it can be sold for later reuse.

        1. Or something like a solar sail. The important thing is that the ‘junked’ item doesn’t hit anything on the way out and up — not how long it takes to get to a suitable parking orbit.

          Still, why deorbit even bags of frozen urine or waste paper? Most anything will be recyclable if you have enough sunlight (usable energy) and ingenuity to use on it.

        1. There are a lot of space tug companies trying to get going. Some of them only have transportation as part of their business plan. I’m reading about them, so not so under the radar anymore. Exciting times.

  2. I sent Gravitics an email, asking if they have any investors. That was a few hours ago.

    A few months ago, I sent the Gateway Foundation an email, but I didn’t get a reply.

    Does anybody know if Gravitics has any investors?

    1. Yes, we do, and substantial ones at that, but I will leave it to management and those investors to conduct a reveal in their own good time. I’m Chief Architect of the venture, but mainly that means I’m one of the graybeards thinking deep thoughts about what the company should be doing.

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