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  1. I am offering an interpretation of Mr. Biden’s remarks about the American people needing to tolerate economic pain “for as long as it takes” in defense of the Liberal World Order.

    Even Scott Adams is somewhat confused inasmuch “Liberal” doesn’t mean Liberals vs Conservatives in US politics. The Liberal World Order is what some on the Right call “Globalism” or more derisively “Globo-Homo”, which is supposed to mean “Global-Homogenization” rather than being a slur against gay persons.

    The Liberal Order is free trade, free speech, multi-national corporations, open sea lanes, international agreements and collective security.

    The Liberal World Order is something National Review and the Wall Street Journal are for. It is something that both the Alt-Right and Mr. Putin are against.

    1. Democrats are against the liberal world order. What they want is Progressive Marxism brought about through the national and international institutions they control and it is working. Stakeholder control, ESG, wielding population groups as weapons, and all the great reset stuff are all opposed to what would traditionally be considered liberal world order. It isn’t liberal at all in the classical sense.

      It is tyranny of the Progressive Marxist flavor.

  2. Powell said “we” might have to crash the job market to tame inflation but there is still zero talk about balancing the budget and pursuing energy abundance. Quite the opposite, Democrats keep proposing death spiral ideas while doubling down on punishing the middle class with monetary and energy policies.

    Things won’t get better until our political leadership changes plus a few years. It is unlikely that Democrats will change, so that means waiting for Republicans to gain control and there is no guarantee that this happens.

    1. There is nothing wrong with the economy, or the Federal deficit or even the international situation for all that matters, that pedal-to-the-metal drill-here-drill-now development of domestic hydrocarbon fuel resources will not solve.

    2. We didn’t have any difficulty, back in the day, encouraging our Saudi ally to flood the market with low-cost oil to punish the Soviet Union over their Afghanistan Special Military Operation.

      I guess Mr. Biden is willing to do just that, only Mr. Macron told him, “Dude, brother-man, neither Saudi nor the UAE has the wherewithal to do that right now.”

      If we are at all serious of supporting Ukraine in resisting Russia, either turn on the US domestic oil spigot or tell Mr. Zelenskyy to sue for peace and accept the Russian terms. The consequences of dithering on some middle ground appears to be energy starvation for our European trading partners and real-life food starvation for vast portions of the developing world owing to Ukrainian grain exports bottled up in port.

      Yeah, yeah, Climate Emergency, but don’t people know that there is a war on?

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