11 thoughts on “Who Is In Charge?”

  1. Why let Biden escape accountability? Sure, he isn’t operating the way he did when he was younger but everything coming out of his administration is intentional.

    It isn’t a good look for people on the right to give Biden a pass and go along with DNC narratives about things happen to Biden that are out of his control when the reality is his policies are not only intentional but having the intended outcomes.

    1. Wodun my problem is with the Republican Party. They don’t believe in any core principles. So even when they DO get in power they are a combination of known-nothing / do-nothings. I have several distinct ideas of how a robust Conservative party would conduct itself once in power and this Republican Party ain’t it. We haven’t had leadership in the Republican Party since Newt and Reagan before that. Bush I & II were largely status quo guys coasting to some extent on their predecessors’ success. (Yeah, not Clinton but Gingrich). Trump is / was an outlier & outsider. He’s trying to take the reins and maybe he’ll be the power behind the throne of a DeSantis administration. Trump’s problem was his virtue. Not being a professional politician he had to learn the ropes among thieves. He needs to learn the propaganda game to score political wins. Trump still has the knack of backing the wrong down-ballot candidates. He certainly picked a loser in my State in 2020. I think he’s getting bad advice.

      1. Like Reagan and Gingrich, Trump openly threatens the futures of the large number of people whose college degrees certify them for a government clerk job, … at minimum. His policies, like taking out 2 rules from an agency for every rule they add (he was getting closer to 12 than 2) are the *worst* threat of cutting that minimum income out from under the college certified who are not STEM graduates, or business graduates. That is the core of opposition to limited government, which is the core of the Academic Party in the US.

        Until we recognize that the Academic Party, and the Universities that feed it, are the true enemies of limited government, then we will not be shootin’ in the right direction, much less scoring any hits. Nobody who makes progress against the US dirigisme State will be given one moments’ peace while in office, because they will be the enemies of those whose professors taught them to be effective “activists”, before they taught anything else.

  2. Apparent?

    I’m now woefully reminded of my leftist friend whose quote against Trump either by impeachment or election defeat was “whatever it takes”. I guess we can all see now how bad “whatever” is.

  3. I still believe that Donald Trump is our best option as far as pushing the Republican party back to some semblance of a conservative party that believes in constitutional limitations to federal power. Look at what he was able to accomplish with his Federal judicial appointments; well over a hundred including 3 SCOTUS judges.

  4. They are desperately trying to convict Trump of anything to try and make him ineligible to run in 2024. Look at this recent January 6th committee “bombshell”, “riveting” testimony from a nonwitness whose testimony is contradicted by the actual witnesses whom they didn’t bother to ask.

  5. Those who managed to corrupt Biden, his son, his family, the Democrats, over the years are running America. It’ll be like a massive Blackmail event, a ten way gun slinging of bad asses.

  6. Trump was/is and statistical outlier; even if he manages to get re-elected in 2024 the professional class will adjust. Trump would continue to remake the Federal judiciary and probably secure the borders by building the wall (or at least try too). Slashing regulations etc. expanding domestic oil production back to some semblance of energy independence. The trouble is when he leaves offices they will do everything in their power to push things back to status quo; as some have said his slashing of regulations cuts to the heart of their power. The more regulations that are passed the more regulators it takes to enforce said regulations. The only sustained mechanism I can think of post-Trump to reign in the federal government would be the movement on the part of state legislatures to re-gain control of elections in their respective states. The heart of that idea might be the pending case before SCOTUS of Moore vs Harper:

    “At the heart of the case, according to SCOTUS blog, is the legal theory called “independent state legislature doctrine,” which suggests that, under the Constitution’s election clause, “only the legislature has the power to regulate federal elections, without interference from state courts.”


    In other words article grants the sole authority to the respective state legislatures to decide how elections are run in that state; even beyond the state courts or the states’ constitution. (Although I believe it says that Congress can “modify” it later on in the Constitution.)

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