9 thoughts on “The New American Slave Revolt”

  1. Well, the democrats have been pissed off at the Republicans for a long time – since we freed their slaves

  2. There are a lot of black people unhappy with their condition and who want to better themselves. Entrepreneurship as a path to wealth and self sufficiency is very popular. However, they don’t have a lot of good role models. It would be great to see more role models like Thomas than rappers and dirt bag athletes.

  3. “It would be great to see more role models like Thomas….”


    “…than rappers and dirt bag athletes.”

    Yes; with one caveat, that is this is free market capitalism at work. Successful people aren’t necessarily not dirt bags. One the other hand I think it is criminal the way collegiate athletes are exploited; schools and TV networks can literally make billions off of said jocks without any compensation (other than the scholarship). College basketball coaches can be paid 9 million dollars a year while the players can’t even be paid for advertising a product (wearing a brand name shoes, etc.) even though said money wouldn’t be paid by the school. Athletes only have a small number of years to make whatever money they can; those four years of potential peak earning in school effectively nullified.

    “Throughout most of the 2010s, he was topping $9 million every single year …”


    And if your a player you are a knee injury away from losing even the balance of your scholarship; many of the families of these minority athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds could certainly use the money.

    1. “Successful people aren’t necessarily not dirt bags.”

      Of course but there certainly are a lot of dirt bag athletes, celebrities, and rappers. Far more than there are good people.

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