4 thoughts on “BoJo”

  1. It is rather sad that our media doesn’t do a better job covering other countries, especially our allies that we are always told are soooo important.

  2. Starting at least with Churchill, the British conservative has been the greatest threat to british conservatism.


  3. My theory is that the back benches get impatient with the slugs in the front row and eventually put the shiv in through the back of the seat.

  4. To those wondering why “Partygate” was so damaging, it wasn’t simply that Johnson broke the utterly draconian lockdown rules that were imposed on the UK. It’s that his government imposed the rules he was breaking, plus he tried to get out of it by lying (including to Parliament). The current scandal (Pinchergate? Because every scandal everywhere seems to have to end with “gate” these days…) was the straw the broke the camel’s back. Partygate was by no means Johnson’s first scandal, but it was the most damaging – it made people absolutely furious.

    If only US politicians were held to the same standards; break the rules you yourself impose, and you are done. We’d have a lot of governors out of work right now.

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