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  1. When my parents married in the early sixties, they wanted four kids, but were warned that the world faced famine due to the “Population Bomb.” They compromised by adopting two and having two of their own. Between my three siblings and me we’ve had ten, but of my three offspring, two will likely never want/be able to have kids, and the other is hesitant because he (rightly) perceives that in today’s social climate women are able to take away a man’s children on a whim and make his life a financial hell. Without a radical social/religious revolution, I don’t see the population drought ending anytime soon.

    1. I’m an only child and have one son. The disaster of dealing with his mother, and the state assisted garbage is a definite inducement for responsible people to not have kids. Met in a bar and lasted three months. When pregnant she said “This is great, I’ll tell them I don’t know where you are and I’m living with my mother. I can get WIC, food stamps, and AFDC”. We split shortly thereafter and it went downhill from there.

      Court ordered visitation rights weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. I could go on for several paragraphs. Disincentives.

  2. My parents had six, I’m the piker in the group in that I only had two – my sisters had 3, 3, 3, 3.

    Unfortunately my brother did not survive Vietnam and marry.

    1. My condolences on the loss of your brother, be assured there are many of us who still recognize and honor his service.

  3. My siblings each did their part to at least not shrink the population; they have two each.

    My wife and I have one, and would like to have at least one more, but we started pretty late; I’ll be nearing retirement age as the first graduates high school and she’s only a half decade behind me, so any more than 2 is probably out of the question short of adoption or with serious health risks to baby and mom (either via twins or in trying for a third if we can even have a second).

  4. We have a culture that values children but not childbirth. Children are things that happen to other people while childbirth is something that happens to you. Men and women are scared of childbirth and our culture feeds that fear. No one is ever ready and there are always challenges no matter what path you take, so there really isn’t an easy way out.

    How many people would we have today if abortion wasn’t used as birth control and population control for the lower class? Abortion being legal or illegal isn’t the issue but rather a culture that supports abortion to the extent that we have where it is too common an occurrence and for morally dubious reasons. But abortion is just a symptom of larger problems.

    Changing views on having children can lead to an overnight change in population trajectory. When people view childbirth as cool, then things will change.

    1. “How many people would we have today if abortion wasn’t used as birth control and population control for the lower class?”

      Sounds like you nailed it…wonder how are population demographics will change in the coming decades with abortion all but illegal in blue states vs red states?

        1. Don’t let Rachel Carson off the hook. Mosquitoes kill a million people per year.

  5. No kids but my only sibling (sister) had 4 (two girls, tried for a boy, got twin girls) ten grandchildren at last count. My wife is one of eight and family gatherings are a crowd scene.

  6. “The real gender crisis in America are these listless and stalled 20-something men. Too many are still living at home, not fully employed, often in debt, hooked on social media, video games, or satisfying their appetites — and with scant interest in marrying, much less raising children.”

    It would have been nice for VDH to acknowledge womens’ role in this.

  7. What would the job market look like if there weren’t so many people working for the government? We might find out soon whether we want to or not.

    1. That isn’t his position so much as it is “economists” and they haven’t been doing so hot with their MMT and predictions on inflation and chances of recession.

      Everyone always wondered what it was like to live in a Chinese proverb and here we are. Interesting times indeed.

  8. “How many people would we have today if abortion wasn’t used as birth control and population control for the lower class?”

    “63.5 Million abortions since Roe v. Wade was passed (through 2021)”

    Kind of makes you wonder; had there been no Roe v Wade decision how much greater would the population in abortion banning “red” states be relative to abortion happy “blue” states like California/NY? Wonder how much that plays a part in the liberal left/democrats “calculations”? Their desire for demographic superiority; kind of like their love of illegal aliens that they believe will reliably vote democrat once they are here (not necessarily).

    1. There would be a lot more black people and they would have more political power as a group, which would appeal to the race based politics of the DNC but there would also have been an empowerment of a significant portion of that group as a certain percentage worked their way to success.

      Peeling off black voters more concerned with economics, fiscal responsibility, national defense, and patriotism, Limited government and classical liberalism associated with the GOP would have taken place earlier.

  9. “There would be a lot more black people and they would have more political power as a group..”

    You are obviously referencing the fact that blacks per capita have more abortions I believe than whites do. Not sure how many of those abortions are from black populations living in northern and/or Californian urban areas that would likely even sans Roe vs Wade would have had liberal pro-abortion laws anyway. So maybe not much of a difference. I was thinking that “bible belt” type population type regions would have stricter laws against abortions and have far fewer ones regardless of race, but I could be wrong. Blacks living in the “bible belt” South minus Roe would I assume not have had that many more abortions than whites, though I could be mistaken. Not counting people going out of state for such. Of course, whatever net population gains whites relative to blacks might gain in the US would probably be more than offset by the collapsing native-born populations in Canada, Australia and especially Europe itself.

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