5 thoughts on “Home Schooling”

  1. In keeping with the articles’ referenced ending video and what our publicly educated masses will ultimately be able to afford, may I suggest various recipes for succulent success for a nutritious family pet dining experience?
    Dog flambe
    Dog bullion with raspberry sauce
    Dog tip salad
    Dog bouillabaisse with canned potatoes
    Ground dog with macaroni
    Dog briquettes in bourbon paste with mushrooms
    Doggie Pâté with candied cherries
    Chien de la maison
    Chien sur la route
    Strip dog with rice.

    1. Buy your chicken seeds on sale this year so that next year you can plant them and have chickens to eat while everyone else goes hungry.

      1. They are cheap enough in the supermarket. And come a dozen to the pack. All ready for planting.

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