6 thoughts on “Medical Schools”

  1. I got out of my tenured academic position as soon as I was fully vested….Glad I did.

  2. There is no right to privacy, except for abortion. The Democrats want to be in the exam room with their thumb…

  3. Scary stuff… I am going in Monday for cardiac ablation to prevent any future occurrences of atrial fibrillation (I’ve had three, and had to be shocked out of all of them). While I have the utmost confidence in my doctor, I have no idea whether the rest of the procedural team considers CRT more important than, say, an EKG…and I don’t think I want to find out, lest one of them make a “mistake” in retaliation for my having asked the question.

    If I don’t post any comments after Monday, well, it was nice knowing y’all…

    1. Good luck.

      In my family our brains break long before our hearts. I sometimes wonder which is preferable.

      When Amazon Web Services offers mind uploading I will be an early adopter.

  4. Seems likely we won’t live to be as old as our parents have, and for sure gen-x and millennials get screwed.

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