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  1. While it may encourage people to vote for him, it will also make his opponents more desperate. Cornered animals and all that.

    1. How many millions work for the feds? Sizeable block of voters but also heavily centered in places Republicans aren’t competitive. I’m sure they would dial up the persecution of dissidents though.

      1. They already are. Anyone associated with Trump is being systematically dragged off and jailed on bogus charges. Either we boot these people out by re-electing Trump in 2024 or we’ll be forced do it more informally and messily in a real insurrection.

        1. I don’t disagree with what you said here or below (and nice tear you went on) but whether it is Trump or someone else, they have to be able to avoid the traps. Trump did what he could but was also in one administrative trap after another. The next GOP President needs a team that knows how government works as well as the snakes like Comey and Pelosi.

          Could be Trump. Could be DeSantis or someone else. Whoever it is needs a solid team. Trump didn’t put one together last round. Could he this time?

    2. All the more reason to take them on ASAP. And it’s not as though they aren’t pretty desperate already.

  2. “While it may encourage people to vote for him, it will also make his opponents more desperate.”

    Yes. They are desperately hoping for a DA/prosecutor federal/state/local willing to indict and railroad Trump for literally anything. If not put him in jail make him ineligible to run. The thought of a ’24 Trump DeSantis ticket scares the hell out of them.

    Trump/DeSantis DREAM Ticket SET as Dems PANIC over 2024


  3. “Cornered animals and all that.”

    Also yes. If quasi-legal railroading of one kind or another doesn’t work I honestly wouldn’t put it passed them some sort of assassination plot.

    1. Chuck Todd was saying on MSNBC’s flagship Sunday news program that they needed Trump to die.

        1. On national TV openly no less, if called on it they would merely say it was a “joke”; “rhetorical statement” and issue some lame ass insincere apology that no one would believe. They would have loved it if that assassin had killed Kavanaugh (or Barrett). Understand on twitter they published the address of where her (Barrett’s) kids go to school so that someone can go there and “protest”.

          “And then there’s social media, where Twitter somehow is allowing this tweet from the radical abortion rights organization Ruth Sent Us to remain on its platform:

          “If you’re in the DC metro area, join us. Our protests at [Justice Amy Coney] Barrett’s home moved the needle to this coverage. Falls Church is a People of Praise stronghold. She sends her seven kids to a People of Praise school that she sat on the Board of Directors for. She attends church DAILY.”


          1. No one has been arrested for any of the hate crimes against churches and prolife centers.

            What they talked about on MSNBC wasn’t a threat but it was rather uncouth and the people who hate Trump for making fun of them should live up to their own standards.

          2. You don’t seem to understand the situation. The putschist Biden regime has already made it plain that its own side can do anything it wants to anybody without consequences, whereas anyone who opposes them or defends themselves will be thrown into a hole.

            They’re already living up to their own standards.

      1. I’ve been thinking it’s high past time to make Comcast die. The monopoly will raise my bill so that I’ll be paying the same for Internet only service as I do for the TV and Internet combined if I were to drop the TV subsidy. Maybe it’s time to consider the move to Starlink.

        1. Only thing good about having cable and internet is that you don’t use your data when going through the box for things like Netflix, Hulu, ect.

          Unless I’m mistaken and in that case, there isn’t much good to cable.

  4. Laffer curve indicates how one get the most tax dollars.
    And you can bet, we are not taxing according Laffer curve because politicians/govt are incompetent.
    If followed Laffer curve one could the biggest govt, if you don’t you will get smaller govt.
    Or without Trump we get a smaller govt.
    But issue is mostly a matter corruption, our govt is bought by all kinds of domestic and global interests- which is another factor which will reduce size govt- or doesn’t increase the size of govt.
    Trump should avoid wars, control our border, and make election more trustworthy.
    Stop war on Drugs. And empty our prisons of non violent criminals. And most important, School Choice.

    1. Imagine how much more money they could spend if they weren’t making payments on debt. I guess they can imagine and that’s why they printed so much.

  5. No beltway parasites in any position at least three layers down. Send the insiders out!

    This was the main reason Trump’s first term was a flop, and was the reason I voted for him in the first place. If he truly will do this, I’ll vote for him again.

    1. I’ll vote for anyone who isn’t a Democrat. They want to destroy the country in the ugliest ways possible.

  6. If he did clean house you can bet that you’;ll be hearing Democrats wailing that no one will get their welfare checks, that the food will kill people and no lifesaving drugs will be approved because of firings at the FDA, etc.etc.etc.

    Anyone seriously intending to do that will have to be ready for such backlash.

    However, the thing about Trump is that he knows he won’t be running again and won’t care

  7. You can’t just fire people and otherwise leave the infrastructure intact. The swamp self-perpetuates and will just repopulate itself with the next administration. No. You need to appoint Blue Ribbon panels to review each Dept’s effectiveness with a absolute deadline of 180 days to complete their work and pass on recommendations. Just like they did when the Pentagon reviewed base closures. First and foremost should be a requirement to de-centralize the Executive Branch. And move most of these Departments out of DC and into the real country. I’ll pick one example, the DOJ. We might start seeing real justice again when trials are moved out of the DC District and not have one set of outcomes for Michael Sussman and another for Steve Bannon. I wonder how these cases would have been adjudicated in Texas or Florida?

    1. At this point I worry it is beyond political fixing. No one party can stay in power long enough to effect change. The last example of where we saw meaningful Executive Branch change was FDR’s administration which set the tone for much of what has gone bad now. The 22nd Amendment precludes that now. We may be seeing the long term effect of the limitations of our form of government. It perhaps doesn’t scale well above a certain population size with the Executive eventually seizing all forms of power from the other two via deep state administrative inertia. We may have to start over and put in place an Article that restricts the size of the country’s population before it undergo a form of mitosis and form two new countries thus making the two new Republics accountable to a smaller more reactive population with new and competitive ideas. We could try this starting at the US State level and work up. What’s interesting about human nature is that such ideas are not thought of being at the vanguard of civics working towards better forms of governance but rather of sinister motives of pure treason against the entrenched interests. As the English colonies in America revised a system evolved from the British Crown we may have to look to a Mars colony to perhaps offer a better chance of civic renewal.

      1. We are a high trust society that requires its citizens and staff be people of integrity and high moral character. Once the dirtbags know the holes in the system, they are easy to exploit. This goes for government and your neighborhood thieves.

    2. The best way to insure the swamp doesn’t re-form is to disperse it. Build a new capitol in Des Moines and send Congress there. Send the Supreme Court to Pocatello. Send FBI HQ to Detroit. Et-freakin’-cetera. Build a bunch of New White Houses all over the country and require all future Presidents to live in a different one each year. Turn DC into a theme park.

  8. I sometimes wonder if we weren’t better off under the spoils system, Charles Guiteau notwithstanding. Of course, nowadays we’d probably wind up with a “shadow bureaucracy…”

    1. We certainly weren’t worse off. In those days, at least, all the malfeasance was for personal benefit. No one could predict when they would be out on their duffs again so no one wasted time building permanent empires within the government when there was no permanence to be had.

  9. He had his chance. “Drain the swamp” was the mantra for the identical desire, but he failed. I agree with v-man, they responded like cornered animals and broke out sorts of laws to first stop him, and then to hide their efforts at stopping him, and now in persecuting him. Unfortunately, when Trump didn’t manage to get rid of them; they simply got stronger and more embolden. Now, it is painfully obvious we have a two-tiered system in the US that protects the bureaucrats and punishes anyone not so protected. When you strike at power, you must deliver the killing blow, or it is over.

    1. “When you strike at power, you must deliver the killing blow, or it is over.”

      Trump did what he could think he succeeded to a far greater degree than expected. He had to deal with the implacable hatred of most of the main-stream media, Academia, the democrats, RINO’s within his own party (don’t forget the witch hunt “Mueller Report” was started by republicans). He succeeded with the Federal Judiciary (not just SCOTUS) which came through with repealing Roe V Wade and upholding the 2nd Amendment. He accomplished much on border security in spite of unbelievable resistance from all sides; they (the Republicans) could have passed his wall funding even after they lost the election in 2018 in a lame duck session (to say nothing of before said election) by “reconciliation” but refused to break the filibuster. He eliminated lots of needless federal regulations etc. This “draining of the swamp” was not going to be accomplished by one POTUS in one term of office in any case.

      1. This is not merely a “strike at power” this is more a long war of attrition which will last long after Trump is gone. Ultimately we are probably looking at a Convention of the States somewhere down the line probably sooner than later. And yes the “swamp” would fight that tooth and nail; and I reiterate I think they are entirely willing to use violence up to and including assassination to get what they want.

    2. In twice the words and posts, my comment stands. Trump made the same claim in 2016 and failed to accomplish it. That others stood in his way and hampered him was to be expected. That Trump had other accomplishments is undisputed. But today, the bureaucracy survived Trump and no longer hides it bias. The GOP still isn’t doing anything about it. Trump can comeback in 2024 and nothing will be different than 2016. Could a Convention of States work? Maybe, but what does that have to do with Trump?

      Now, if Trump came out encouraging like minded individuals to run for local and state offices, then he might get more done. Has he done this? Yes. But he also ha s done this with stinkers like Doc Oz. And Trump focuses at the state wide levels. The worse damage being done by Democrats is at the municipal levels. Whether you like him or not, Obama pushed change at all levels. We need someone that will do the same.

  10. Nice to see a supposed hater of “democrats”, supporting the spoil system. Though guess the Republicans have truly become the party of Jackson. Anything to do to increase the potential of graft and corruption.

    1. I wouldn’t pin that to any one political party. There’s plenty of history to go round.

    2. “Though guess the Republicans have truly become the party of Jackson.”

      You don’t get to shed your history so fast and especially not without an apology for all the people you guys lynched.

      When exactly did Democrats stop the organized use of violence in politics and the abuse of government against dissidents?

      1. What history I Voted for Bushs, Romneys couldn’t bring myself to vote for Mavrick let alone Trump, voted for Weld in 2020, born and raised in the Yankee North. Despise the Party of Jackson, which unfortunately has turned into Republicans since their base is now what was the party of Jackson base. Would of considered LBJ the worst president since WWII 4 years ago.

        As far as your non-sequitur
        How bout when Jimmy Carter and Church Committee going after those in FBI involved with Cointelpro as stopping the abuse of government against dissidents. Who again pardoned them btw?

  11. Alas, he may find his hands tied. It used to be routine in appropriations bills to legislate the maximum and minimum number of civil servants in agencies. Ever wonder why no civil servants got laid off when STS was shut down and ISS was assembly complete? NASA had minimum staffing laid out in the appropriations bills, and IIRC it was laid out for NASA as a whole and each center.

    It was annoying to be working on a project and suddenly a number of new CS staff would get assigned and start reopening things that had been settled years before, or CS staff that had no expertise in what your project did.

    1. You incorrectly assume, he wants this to reduce the civil servant ranks or bring competence to them and not to be able to fire any civil servant that would be disloyal and replace them with yes men and those who follow his whim, so could replace those at the NHC who refuted his assertion that Alabama was in danger from Dorian. Fill the ranks with personal loyalty and kow-tow the rest into personal loyalty since the usual political appointees positions like Micheal Caputo were unable to bring the personal loyalty that was demanded.

      1. “Replace”, “replace”, “replace”, “fill the ranks”…
        From an article that has Trump would ‘fire tens of thousands of civil servants’ and ‘gut the government’ in the title. Do you ever get tired of being the perfect combination of wrong and illiterate? And how does a person kow-tow someone into loyalty?

        1. Yes I didn’t read the Daily Mail Tabloid garbage before I posted. But boy for someone saying someone is illiterate you couldn’t even bring yourself past the headline.

          The Third Paragraph

          He would clean house of mid-level staffers at the Pentagon, Justice Department, State Department and beyond and bring in thoroughly vetted candidates who were found to be more closely aligned with his ‘America First’ agenda..

          Question Thomas you know what is SYNONYMOUS with “letting someone go and bring in someone else”?

          As far as kowtowing the other this is what I was referring to

          Other Trump allies say the figure will not be nearly that high because firing a smaller segment of anti-Trump ‘bad apples’ would be enough to trigger ‘behavior change.’

          BTW the headline writer in major publications are not the same person who write the article. The headline is made to get you to click and potentially read not necessarily factually faithful to the article.
          So why don’t you answer your own question yourself “Do you ever get tired of being the perfect combination of wrong and illiterate? “

          1. UGH I dumped a sentence in a rewrite since I lost the tab where I mentioned I read other related articles already, on schedule F.

      2. ” and replace them with yes men ”

        The executive is supposed to carry out the policies of the head of the executive branch. They aren’t supposed to be unaccountable nobility that do whatever they want or to sabotage the sitting administration.

        Have a disagreement, make your statement, get on board with the program, or quit.

        1. “They aren’t supposed to be unaccountable nobility that do whatever they want or to sabotage the sitting administration.”

          Yes. Hear hear; they are supposed to carry out the policies of the duly elected POTUS; if you don’t agree tender your resignation or get fired.

        2. Sorry the members of the National Weather Service should be giving accurate forecasts and providing reliable information as best as they can. Not having to make sure their messaging is in line with what ever stupid thing the POTUS said about the track of a hurricane among other things. Most of these jobs are of technical nature that have a small piece of policy.

          1. “Sorry the members of the National Weather Service”

            Who said anything about the “National Weather Service”?

            “Trump allies are working on plans that would potentially strip layers at the Justice Department — including the FBI, and reaching into national security, intelligence, the State Department and the Pentagon, sources close to the former president say.”

            “It would effectively upend the modern civil service, triggering a shock wave across the bureaucracy.”

            Good riddance.

          2. You said something I agree with but their, and other agencies, messaging are always aligned with the Democrat in the White House.

  12. Whether a State’s judicial branch may nullify the regulations governing the “Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives . . . prescribed . . . by the Legislature thereof,” U.S. CONST. art. I, § 4, cl. 1, and replace them with regulations of the state courts’ own devising, based on vague state constitutional provisions purportedly vesting the state judiciary with power to prescribe whatever rules it deems appropriate to ensure a “fair” or “free” election.[4] ”


    If SCOTUS rules in favor of the independent state legislature doctrine, which theorizes that state legislatures alone are empowered by the Constitution to regulate federal elections this could be as big as repealing Roe v Wade or even upholding the 2nd Amendment. This would empower State Legislatures (majority of which are Republican) to wrest power back from State courts and Governors to control/regulate federal elections in their respective states. They (the legislature) would draw the post Census redistricting lines, get rid of drop-boxes and/or mass mail in ballots etc. If they rule such something else to be grateful to Donald Trump for his judicial appointments; don’t underestimate the power of gaining more control of the Federal judiciary.

  13. Ah for the good old days, when the sitting Vice President murdered a cabinet officer and the commanding general of the US Army was a paid secret agent of the Spanish Empire…

  14. I thought he would do that in his first term. He didn’t. I don’t know why. There’s no reason to try him again.

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