2 thoughts on “An Interesting Precedent”

  1. SpaceX will be using their own propellant depots in LEO and so don’t need to buy propellant from anyone else’s depots. I think it unlikely that anyone else will soon be able to deliver propellant to a depot more cheaply than SpaceX. So, how does this “cislunar economy” based upon propellant depots compete against the lower costs of SpaceX? It is not obvious to me that these commercial
    space advocates understand the most basic concepts of winning in the markets. Rather than competing against SpaceX, I think it would be more sensible to focus on serving the remaining needs of customers that SpaceX will transport to the Moon and Mars.

  2. ROFLOL at these nutty socialists in space and they goofy ideas of holding a lunar sample in trust for humanity and limiting the 1 percenters to Earth. I except these two organizations are supporters of the Moon Treaty and are just trying to offer a model to implement it.

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