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  1. Yeah, yeah, McDonald’s, I admit to eating there.

    For a long time, McDonald’s was a “value proposition.” This was confirmed by none only than Warren Buffet, whose Berkshire Hathaway held a large financial stake in the chain because the man found it to be a value proposition. You know the well-worn trope of the frugal multi-billionaire? Mr. Buffet would be one of many, many old persons who would “hang out” early mornings at a McDonald’s, and he described how his wife would count out coins to make his purchase from the Breakfast Menu.

    Something changed at McDonald’s when they went from a traditional menu-on-the-wall to an electronic menu-on-the-wall. Yes, they still had their Dollar Menu items, de-contented long before Bidenflation took hold, but you couldn’t find it anymore among the frenetic eye-clutter of the flat panel electronic menu display.

    It seems like their management in pursuit of profits decided to “up-sell” customers by flashing pictures of their increasingly pricy menu items. The paradox is that Mr. Buffett liked his profits as much as the next capitalist, but all of this went against McDonald’s being a cheap place to eat, which is why he invested in the business in the first place?

    We had a “fancy” restaurant near where I live that I never went into, but I was told the menu did not list prices. I guess it appealed to the demographic of free-spending men who wanted to seduce their gold-digger dates?

    But McDonald’s, of all places, has become a “if you have to ask the price, you cannot afford it” restaurant?

    1. “But McDonald’s, of all places, has become a “if you have to ask the price, you cannot afford it” restaurant?”

      No. The board has always listed prices for everything, and still does. Admittedly, they’re in a slightly smaller font than they used to be, but they’re still easy to find.

      1. I have been in McDonald’s restaurants where there was no “board” or at least where I could see it.

        They had an electronic menu that flashed food selections at you on a flat screen. Maybe if you waited long enough, the Dollar Menu items would appear, but I was in a McDonald’s for a long time slack-jawed trying to find my usual food selections. I finally just told the clerk what I wanted from memory.

        Maybe they have reverted to a menu board, but a person shouldn’t tell me “No” to what I had experienced.

        I know what I saw, and it wasn’t a Grey Alien wearing a McDonald’s uniform.

  2. While traveling last year, I revisited into a to-go “Mexican Grill” style chain location that I had liked when I lived in an area years ago. (No, not Chipotle…) They had the “menu on the wall” along with being able to see what you wanted to add.

    They changed to using tablets for ordering, with actual food hidden away. I fumbled around for a few moments, then walked out when I realized I didn’t want to deal with all that for a burrito. Part of the reason I used to go there was for the spontaneous “oh, let’s try that, too” type decisions, which are impossible when you are confined to a screen with too much content, much extraneous, crammed into too little space. (And it doesn’t help that my eyes can’t read fine, gray-on-white print any more.)

    The problems seem to be that we are surrounded by marketing MBAs who have no idea about their products, who uses the products, how their products are used, or why people use their products, or even have seen their products being used,.But these “young geniuses” have all the answers.

    1. The burrito places where you walk down the line and tell them what you want step by step are annoying. I just want to rattle off an order not spend twenty minutes going ingredient by ingredient for several different orders.

      1. I can’t remember the names, so I point and say, yeah all have some of that green stuff, and some of that yellow stuff and can I have some of that red stuff? No! Not that one, the one to the left….

    1. I haven’t yet heard of anyone tattooing one on their forehead (Mark of the Beast). When that does happen, it’ll probably be garbage like all those meaningless Chinese monograms worn by people who don’t understand how Chinese is written.

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