4 thoughts on “My Space Podcast”

  1. Not bad! Toward the end Toplansky and Rangan both were a bit careless with technical precision on the subject of Dyson Spheres (…I could sense your face clenching when you were off camera, Rand…), but the overall discussion was pretty good.

    1. Well if talking about beaming global energy from LEO
      and solar power is capture in LEO, it seems give impression of encasing planet Earth with satellites.
      But if LEO is relaying power generated in higher orbits, then seems there is less of traffic jam in LEO.
      Or there is a lot real estate to use in GEO, you could power the whole world – and require telescope to notice it. And if powering activity in space around Earth, one have solar collection in higher orbits than GEO [such as L-points].

  2. I think SPS for Mars [and Moon] seems more likely than Earth, starting it.
    And it seems SPS is way to build a city on Mars, which I would think is Musk’s plan,
    And for few million people, it could be just satellite within 1000 km of the Mars surface.

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