4 thoughts on “The Moral Norms Of Tomorrow”

  1. Prepare? Good luck. I have yet to meet an accurate prediction of future norms. Thick skin seems to work best.

    1. It wasn’t a prediction of what the norms would be but noting that norms have changed and would change and the claim that Progressive Marxism and Conservatism will shape future norms beneficially and negatively. It also claims that it is only in hindsight that society will know.

      It was a warning, what you believe as moral today may not be considered moral 100 years from now. This is likely true but I also think the morality of Progressive Marxism will be viewed the same way other Marxist ideologies are when looking back at the 20th century, assuming the Progressive Marxists don’t retain power.

  2. I suspect that in two or three decades “gender-affirming surgery” for minors will be viewed with the same level of revulsion and outrage that we have for the “calming lobotomies” of a century ago.

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