6 thoughts on “David Brooks Is Unhappy”

  1. Support for Trump increasing among republicans is a logical conclusion to the raid. Why do Democrats want Trump to be the nominee?

    1. The Swamp needs him as a fundrasing foil.

      This puts them at odds with the Deep State, which wants him torn limb from limb and the parts displayed on different entrances to Washington, D.C.

      It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

  2. “Why do Democrats want Trump to be the nominee?”

    Trump is a New York dem, and smart Marxist think he is great.
    And Dems could embarrassed by the lack of choice of any other person for dem. Or some must have a problem with Biden and Harris.
    But most Dems have been brainwashed, so they only sub-consciously want Trump.
    Me, I wanted Trump for one term, and I am fine with the weak president Joe Biden. I like Joe, more than I liked Obama- both have and continue to destroy the dem party [which very corrupt and doesn’t represent the people who elected them].
    As far as Trump for a second go at US president, well he would be more powerful in his second term, then compared to if he had won re-election in second term, having such a weak president as Joe, will make Trump second term be “better”. And he might effectively be US President for his entire life. He has been greatly helped by deep state and Joe Biden.
    But the question is who will be Dem choice. I could pick a better Dem than Trump. but it seems the Dem Party, can’t.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Cuban was their nominee. Would the Progressive Marxist base and the corrupt establishment rally around him though?

  3. “Why do Democrats want Trump to be the nominee?”

    For one thing, DeSantis is pretty certainly more electable than Trump.

    But this could just be bloody-minded Javerts at DOJ and the Bureau. They’ve been pursuing this quarry for so long, that they don’t know how to stop. Nor do they want to.

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