4 thoughts on “Reducing Student Debt”

  1. Certification is a work around and has taken the place of credentials for many jobs but some require both.

  2. I plan to apply for a retroactive student loan, followed by billing my former employers for the high wages they would have had to pay me over the years I worked for them, if I’d had that student load in the first place.

  3. My wife received her real estate credentials after spending a few of weeks essentially studying for the test, with a classroom of other like minded adults from all ethnicities and backgrounds. The class was and is set up to help the students succeed by giving them the knowledge need to properly perform the tasks required to succeed as an agent. Seem like a good model to replace the expensive and time consuming “education/indoctrination” received in college.
    By the way she paid for that education with her first sale.

    1. I had a real estate licence in NH back in the 70s. I studied for the test with a booklet (same way I studied for my driverse license test). I transitioned from mechanical engineering tech to computer programmer by buying a computer and figuring it out, then buying reference books for each language I was called upon to use. Along the way, I noticed the people with 4-year IT degrees were more or less clueless, and were quickly promoted to management, where they quickly became clueless bosses who wasted everyone’s time in pointless meetings. TPS reports were involved.

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