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  1. Silly. Most men are not free to enjoy casual sex, instead, they are enslaved by sex, and have been since the dawn of civilization. Feminists want their share of the upper class’s “goodies,” and to have it paid for by those same male slaves. I was sitting in a car with one of my wives one day, looking at guys by the intersection with “will work for food” signs. She said, “What would your sign say, ‘will work for pussy?” I replied, “Notice how few women there are out here?” Funny about that.

      1. Serial polygamy is a many-splendored thing. Insert obligatory cereal joke next. As to the other, I mainly had abortions, some manifestly over my objections. I did raise one child to adulthood, more or less on my own. And I offered to take some of the others, if their mothers had consented to bring them to term. My whole family is a hot mess and the nut fell deep in the grove (I am that nut for the metaphor challenged).

        1. “Serial polygamy is a many-splendored thing.”

          Take it there are no splendid bigamy laws in whatever state you live in?

          1. What part of “serial” didn’t you understand? It means one after the other. Bigamy is the simplest form of parallel polygamy. Cereal polygamy is eating more than one Kelloggs product from the same bowl. As a kid, I liked mixing rasin bran with rice krispies.

          2. “What part of “serial” didn’t you understand?”


            “This term applies to a person who repeatedly gets married and divorced many times in a life time.
            SERIAL POLYGAMY: “Joe was practiced serial polygamy as he was married and divorced 3 times by the time he was 40.”


            Apologies. My mistake William Barton apparently I didn’t understand what the term meant. So you could hypothetically be married to 10 women (or more) over a lifetime just not at the same time. With likely increases in human lifespan coming in the decades to come (faster please) that would probably become the most common pattern of human marriages.

  2. “Remove the progressive goggles, and the history of the last 60 years looks different. The sexual revolution isn’t only a story of women freed from the burdens of chastity and motherhood. It is also a story about the triumph of the playboy. ”

    I haven’t checked this stat recently but aren’t there more pro-abortion men than women and more pro-life women than men? The pro-life movement is run by women. A lot of guys are dirtbags and they support policies that allow them to be dirtbags. As with most things, there is a natural distribution of dirtbags but then there are the cultural influences that create more.

    Our society has engaged in a lot of generational experimentation that ignores lessons other cultures past and present because there is no history beyond that which started in 1776.

    Our current experiments with brainwashing children will also show serious problems forty years from now as these children enter middle age and look back at what happened and wonder what could have been.

    1. It’s hard to sell men short, given how most of us behave, though you may be doing it. When feminists assert one in three men would rape women if they thought they could get away with it my replies are, 1) there are more honest men than I suspected, and 2) the other two men are liars. That said, while all men are created evil, some rise above it a little ways. I raised that one child, and my father sued for custody of his children and won. I was an adult by then, so went my own way, but the others moved to his house and grew up there. It was a safer hot mess than what our mother was creating (and she kept custody of my half-brother by a different baby-daddy). Hey, I may be white, but I’m mostly Irish.

  3. –It’s hard to look at the current landscape and not ask: Did we go wrong somewhere along the way?

    Louise Perry’s answer is an emphatic and unapologetic: yes. —

    Why are women so stupid.
    Correct answer that women will say,
    “because men are so stupid”.
    Therefore why on earth would a woman want
    to be like a man.
    Why, because women are as lazy as men- humans
    and all life are lazy. I am lazy.
    Or you take the path of least resistance.
    It possible that women acting like men, is hard to
    do- is not a path of least resistance.
    But once it’s “fashionable” it seems like it’s the path of least resistance- because you are stupid.

  4. The Sexual Revolution Shackled My Generation.

    Sorry, but that sounds a lot like “Freedom is slavery” doublethink. I think rather that with freedom comes the freedom to make bad choices (particularly choices someone else thinks is bad), and well, a bunch of people made them.

    1. When I look at the hot mess of bad choices I made and wonder about the alternatives, that other life looks a lot like incel (== no pussy and no kids), sort of the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady.

  5. Societies have the freedom to experiment when they are highly affluent..like most Western societies.

    When you are fighting just to stay alive you rely on ancient wisdom because it worked and you don’t have time for anything else but working to survive. Experimentation has to be highly focused and limited. Like finding a better way to slay the gazelle.

    But when you don’t have to worry about starving to death or being killed in numerous ways, the old wisdom is often cast aside because you have a cushion.

    But the Gods of the Copybook Headings do return once more. Eventually.

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