Android Weirdness

I’ve got a new Samsung, and it’s doing a repeated notification that I have no idea what it’s notifying me about. It’s a two-pitch tone [boobeep], and it’s driving me nuts when the phone is in earshot. Any idea how to figure out what it is?

[Early evening update]

For those wondering in comments, it’s a Galaxy A03s.

[September 26th update]

OK, it turned out to be BlueMail (an app I find highly overrated). I disabled notifications on it, and it quit doing it.

[Bumped from a month earlier]

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  1. Which one did you get, Rand? Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to track this stuff down, although my experience with Samsung phones is that most of the things that make noise cause notifications, and from there you can eventually figure it out, although sometimes it’s a bit tricky.

  2. This sounds like a problem a friend of mine had with a Galaxy a couple of years ago. Drove him nuts, and he tried turning off a lot of notifications, didn’t help.

    He was shocked when I, a guy who’s never had a smartphone of any kind (and is quite ignorant about them), fixed it for him in a few seconds. The problem was the “accessibility” setting. There was a “notification reminder” setting in there, so I turned it off.

    The reason I thought of that is I’d had an irritating issue with Windows due to its “accessibility” functions, so when I saw that same setting class on his Galaxy menu, I just thought it worth a look.

    I don’t know if this would work on your model, Rand, but it might be worth taking a few seconds to look.

  3. My Samsung had a similar issue: It would beepBOOP, followed by a descending BOOPbeep a few seconds later. Repeated at ~10s interval. It turned out to not like the charger it was on. One sound was going off charge and the other was going back on charge.

    Good luck tracking it down.

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