5 thoughts on “How Corrupt Is The FBI?”

  1. In LA, the company did plead guilty but that doesn’t excuse seizing the possessions of innocents.

    For the pastor who was raided by the FBI for the crime of protecting his child from a deranged Democrat, I wonder if they fly the same fifty people around the country to do these raids or if they have enough corrupt FBI employees in every state to do this?

    The pastor has a good defense. In most states with self defense cases, you can’t pick a fight and then claim self defense. A just court would likely rule that this person can’t go pick a fight and then claim carrying out his official duties were being impaired. A just court likely wouldn’t accept that this man was engaging in official duties when picking a fight with a kid either.

    The crazy thing is that the pastor and his lawyer reportedly had negotiated for the pastor to turn himself in but the Biden administration opted for an armed raid anyway.

  2. The Beverly Hills case might prompt someone to consider renting one private vault in every such facility in the U.S., and depositing in it a large, thin-walled quartz container full of chlorine trifluoride. A couple of such raids, each resulting in the last big surprise of the agents’ lives, might result in the Bureau rethinking the practice.

  3. Ver simple. FBI delenda est. Abolish it. Fire everyone. Do not allow *any* of them to ever work for *any* level of government ever again. Salt the earth.
    It’s cultural at the FBI; it begins with J. Edgar Hoover, who was corrupt to the core.

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