16 thoughts on “China Seeking Space Partners”

    1. Probably influence peddling like we do and they do with the Belt and Road but their belt and road partners aren’t positioned to do much on the Moon.

  1. To be fair, I’ve been to China a couple times.

    The Chinese people are largely friendly and eminently likeable. I never felt disrespected except for the time in Shanghai when I was robbed.

    Overall, a better experience than visiting San Francisco.

    Loved the food, as long as you actually know what you’re about to eat.

    Interesting, sometimes disturbing history. We seen that before.

    Always remained silent in my hotel rooms. Microphones, you know.

    Chi-comms are contemptible ‘fill-in-the-blanks’.

    Let me reiterate….

  2. Actually, there was another time when I was disrespected by Chinese locals for being me.

    I was on a boat doing a 5-day Yangtze river cruise from, get this: Wuhan, to Chongqing.

    After lunch one day I walked through the dining room and passed by a group of six Chinese female employees laughing & giggling.

    They all had pony tails.

    (Since high school, I’ve always had a pony tail. Stick it to the “man”.)

    At my age, I call it a rat tail.

    Anyway, they were comparing their pony tails for whatever reason and I brandished my own and said, “Maybe I can be Chinese, too.”

    They said, “It’s not black.”

    Understand that the Chinese are the most racist people on the planet.

    Respectfully racist. How can they possibly do that?

  3. Some education….

    Having long hair requires managing long hair.

    Elastic hair ties are your friend.

    Undamaged hair knots are unpleasant b’tches.

    Says a guy who knows.

    The horror of it all.

    Another matter:

    Some of us matured in the 60’s & 70’s.

    We did different ‘vapors’ back then.

    We had it easier. We didn’t really wonder so much if we would die from our addictions. We didn’t have much of a reason for concern.

    You younger folks: trust no one, trust nothing. The folks taking your money don’t care if you die.

    They just want your money.

    The stuff they’re offering is truly deadly.

    It is no longer safe to do recreational drugs.

    Please, hear me.

    A few beers, or a good single malt scotch, isn’t going to kill you so fast.

    Well, that morphed into the unexpected.

  4. I’m really serious about dissuading people from doing currently available recreational drugs.

    Everything, everything, everything now has Fentanyl. It kills. It will kill you. China precursor manufacturers and Mexican drug gang weaponizers.

    I did more than my fair share of rec drugs decades ago. That time is not the same as this time.

    I didn’t die, but you will.

    Just stop it.

  5. Of course I don’t believe that folks here are Meth-heads (analogy alert).

    We all have family, some of whom may need our help.

    That’s all I saying here.

  6. Rand, I apologize for high-jacking the thread. I didn’t plan it.

    It turned out that way for me.

    I was going to post something else here now and apologizing has made me forget what it was going to be.

    People are kind of stupid.

    1. Yes, as George Carlin said: “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

      You know what? People should do whatever they want, and then live with the consequences. That’s part of the rationale for space settlement. If they want to live in a nanny state or totalitarian state, well, China is right here and the West is stampeding to join them.

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