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  1. I was wondering when people would start to notice the similarities.

    That the lobotomy’s inventor was award a Nobel Prize is something that seems to have been forgotten, too.

  2. “There are people who want to have diseases such as Tourette’s syndrome, and people who literally want to chop off arms, legs, blind themselves, or make themselves deaf.

    “The very last thing we should do is embrace and celebrate their illness. We should treat it to make people happy, healthy, and whole. This should not be controversial, but it is. Experts and doctors embrace doing actual physical harm to people instead of treating them properly for their dysphoria.”

    When Rush Limbaugh went deaf, and sought to regain his hearing by means of having cochlear implants, he encountered a phenomenon that astonished him, and me: opposition to cochlear implants, by activists who campaigned for the preservation of the “natural state” of deafness in people who could have acquired the sense. It seemed as if cruelty was taking on a mantle of moral superiority, and I almost didn’t believe it. But it was and is true.

    As an aside, I am not completely convinced that Rush ever actually went deaf. His impersonation of Barack Obama, who had not attained national stature before Rush’s deafness, was so perfect that one could almost not tell the difference. The same was true of his mimicking of many other public figures. How does one with the limited sense provided by the cochlear implant do such a thing?
    We’ll never know, of course. He was unique, and is missed.

    1. I’m glad you brought up deafness, as it’s one of the few sub-groups within the disabled/differently-abled community who seem to exhibit this trait. I’ve read stories and seen 20/20-style specials about deaf parents hoping that their child comes out deaf, preserving deafness as a way of life, shunning the hearing, etc. It’s one of the more bizarre oddities of human nature that I’ve come across in my life.

      This all brought back memories of the “Krazy Kripples” episode in Season 7 of South Park, where Jimmy and Timmy, crippled from birth, are peeved at Christopher Reeves for taking their spotlight and attention because he was born normal and became crippled later in life.

  3. Mike,

    I don’t believe Rush was faking deafness.

    I recall his voice taking on an ever more slurred/distorted tone before he went public with his condition. Doubt he could have faked that pro(?)gression.

    Your point about Obama mimicking…I don’t recall it was ever that good. But it’s been a while.

  4. As in so many things, follow the money. Trans surgical procedures such as double mastectomies and hysterectomies are quite lucrative, plus the person will need lifelong medical care for hormone therapy and related treatments. The hospital at Vanderbilt found itself at the center of a firestorm a few weeks ago when a video of one of its senior executives was released. The exec touted the financial windfall of trans treatments and threatened any medical personnel who refused to comply on religious grounds.

  5. Embrace the wisdom of asking yourself: “Am I 100% certain that I will be happy with this choice 10, 20 or 30 years from now?” Why I decided against getting any tattoos…

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