11 thoughts on “Kari Lake”

    1. That’s still better than Tudor Dixon, who is running to be governor of Michigan. We haven’t trusted a Tudor with power since 1603. I hope the people of Michigan don’t find out why that is.

  1. Don’t let Lake, DeSantis, and others get away with their BS? I don’t understand the comment…

    1. I think Rand is talking about the DNC public relation folks and stenographers with press passes (as Howie Carr refers to the MSM). Esp. when it comes to all things denial: Climate, Insurrection and Election…

      To quote Chuckie Schumer on the Senate floor on Jan 22, 2021: “Make no mistake, there will be a trial, and when that trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the erection, insurrection, against the United States.”

      More to the point, did Donald John Trump own stock in the company that makes Vialis and profit indirectly from any incitement of erection insurrection?

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