15 thoughts on “The Two Parties”

      1. Your track record as a political prognosticator belies the confidence of your prediction above. But I hope you’re right.

    1. I don’t think the Republicans will do as well as 2010’s +6 Senate and Governor seats gain or +63 House seats. So not quite the blowout as it was under Obama.

      1. Political prognostication is so tedious…There is only one poll that counts, and as of today (Saturday, 29 Oct) it will be in ten days.

        Until then, don’t get cocky!

  1. In a free and fair election Rand is 100% correct. We will soon see how free and fair this one is. I’m not hopeful but at least some people have their eyes open now.

      1. Jim, let’s just quit the BS, shall we? US elections are corrupt and have been for decades. Voting machines and mail-in ballots were always intended to help hide the steal.

        Quoting a commenter on thediplomad.blogspot.com …

        “A key required election reform is to bring the US up to Iraqi standards — voting only on the day, with a purple finger to stop multiple voting. But that is not going to happen. The Republicrats could not stand the heat from the media.”

        1. Jim, let’s just quit the BS, shall we?

          Fine, Eric. Quit the BS and don’t vote on the 8th since US elections are corrupt and have been for decades. No one’s forcing you to waste your time.

          1. What’s wrong with you today Jim, did you run out of ideas for the next Garfield strip or something?

  2. With something like 2 million mail-in ballots already “cast” no, I don’t think it will be a blowout, not in any key state that allows mail-in voting. Because ALL of those ballots are LEGIT, because they all came directly from the Post Office. We know this. Who can deny it and still reasonably believe in democracy?

  3. ” They opportunistically appear to push the party to embrace no-bail laws, defunding the police, and the destruction of the fossil fuel industry.”

    This is an important tidbit. Protesters and pressure campaigns are often employed against Democrats, especially in blue states where Democrats are firmly in control.

    As far as parties switching places or whatever, maybe masks are just falling.

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