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  1. I hope all the predictions of a red wave are correct, but I have two rules which govern my thoughts on predicting US election outcomes:

    1 – “Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter”

    2 – “Never underestimate the lengths the democrat party and it’s allies will go to insure their grasp on power”

  2. “We are at really one of the great turning points in American history, I think a turning point fully equal to Gettysburg, fully equal to Valley Forge. I think it’s easy to underestimate the scale of danger that exists today. We are closer to nuclear war than any time, including the Cuban Missile Crisis, including the 1973 confrontation, because in both the Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1973 confrontation, there were rational, bureaucratic people in the Soviet Union who understood the limitations of power. We have today a president who on a good day is an idiot and on a bad day you wonder whether Susan Rice, or who Obama has put in there to actually run the White House. You have in Putin a dictator who is delusionally out of touch with reality at least as much as Adolf Hitler was, and you have no idea what’s gonna happen.”


    Good advice from Newt. It would be nice if the GOP had a platform and stuck to it rather than stab their voters in the back again and the bit about passing legislation rather than theater is part of that.

    1. “…what Trump did, which is truly historic and really deeply underappreciated, is he challenged head-on the very core skeletal structure of the elitist power structure, which, whether it was the FBI, the CIA, or Bill Gates, or ABC News, or Harvard University, that entire power structure was challenged basically by one person. And he just drove at it in a way which was in many ways closer to Thatcher in Britain than to Reagan in America. I mean he was really beginning, in the absence of COVID it’s likely that he would have been reelected and it’s likely that sometime in the second term we’d have begun to break the old order. But what happened was he aroused the Left so much that they managed to seize power — and, by the way, I don’t think the election was stolen on Election Day, but I think the election was rigged. I think it was rigged over a two-year period by a group of people who by every reasonable standard cheated. I mean, if the founder of Facebook puts in $415 million for turnout in Democratic areas, that’s just plain cheating. If you end up with Twitter cutting off the incumbent president of the United States, cutting off the oldest newspaper in the United States, that’s just cheating. So this was in my judgement a rigged election of profound dishonesty.”

      Would have to agree with all of this. “Rigged” doesn’t have to mean they broke the law per se…you can “steal” an election in all kinds of ways that are nominally legal. In my youth I didn’t care much for Newt Gingrich; in my middle years his standing with me I must say is greatly improved. Maybe he just makes a better elder statesmen than he was a politician.

      1. “Newt” left out the “rigging” (with the Republican leadership at many of the states’ level complicity) by the relaxing of voting standards; to wit mass mail in ballots, ballot boxes, stuffing of such in the wee hours of the election night and beyond etc. The harassment of poll watchers the intimidation Michigan Wayne County Election Officials:


      2. Rigging an election is making sure that there’s no doubt as to the outcome. It’s the Chicago Way. Stealing an election is changing the results if they turn out wrong.

        Both 2016 and 2020 were both rigged. The problem is that St.Hillary! managed to lose a rigged election, so the Dems had to make sure that didn’t happen again, and despite four years to prepare, did such an inept job that it looked a lot like it was stolen. (Then again, the Orange Clown had years to prepare and counter that rigging, and didn’t.)

  3. Your forgetting the COVID hysteria backed “shutdowns” etc. Don’t see how the “the Orange Clown” (Trump) could have stopped state governments even in some Republican controlled states (to say nothing of dem controlled) from allowing the mass mail in ballots. Ballots in some cases sent to people who didn’t ask for them or want them. Poll workers showing up at you house uninvited to “help” you fill them out “properly”. Delivering said ballots in trucks in the dead of night to drop boxes to be “counted” later. Running elections is still in large part the purview of the states; don’t see that Trump could have done much.

    1. Part of rigging the election in 2016 was pushing Trump to be the nominee, because they considered him to be a joke, and a drag on the Stupid Party’s primary process. The Dems wanted the Orange Clown to run, and they got what they wanted, good and hard. Based on how the Dems pushed “extreme” candidates this year, sometimes successfully, the Dems didn’t learn their lesson.

      Part of the problem is that he was never able to control of the Justice Dept due to the betrayal and incompetence of those he installed. One of the things they do is enforce the Voting Rights Act, and make sure that the states don’t violate their own voting laws. The Justice Dept did nothing to counter all the “fortifying” of the election that went on under the cover of the Chinese Bat Cooties panic, and there was no effort to push that or make it a priority, from the top down. (True, there were other things going on, but if he’d been able to install some loyal people, they’d have been on it.) And the less said about what flailing reactions in November and December, the better.

      Plus, I’d like to hear plans on what he thinks should be done to make sure “fortification” of elections doesn’t happen again. The various voting rights and civil rights acts that the Congress passed in the 1960s through 1990s (and which the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld) shows that the Feds can interfere in state elections. Pushing to make clean elections a national priority would make it worth having an Orange Clown follow the Grover Cleveland precedent. And pushing to clean up elections should be a base-pleaser for anyone running against him in the primaries.

      In any case, it’s election fortnight (my mail-only ballot arrived a week ago) so we’ll see how rigged they are soon.

      1. “One of the things they do is enforce the Voting Rights Act, and make sure that the states don’t violate their own voting laws.”

        Agree with allot of what you said about he (Trump) being betrayed by the people he installed. Even firing/replacing them didn’t seem to help much. When you try to bite (drain) the swamp the swamp knows how to bite back. However as far as the voting rights act is concerned SCOTUS gutted some of its key provisions back in 2013:

        “Shelby County v. Holder, 570 U.S. 529 (2013), was a landmark decision[1] of the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the constitutionality of two provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965: Section 5, which requires certain states and local governments to obtain federal preclearance before implementing any changes to their voting laws or practices; and Section 4(b), which contains the coverage formula that determines which jurisdictions are subject to preclearance based on their histories of discrimination in voting.[2][3] ”


        That presumably is what allowed the States to make changes in their voting practices unimpeded. Including unrelated the alleged systematic closing of polling places in certain minority neighborhoods.

        1. Said closings were the largely unstated justification for the dems attempt to replace them with the mass mail in ballots for all etc.; although the stated excuse was of course Covid shutdowns.

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