3 thoughts on “Biden’s Speech About “Democracy””

  1. The more the left screams about the imagined fascism of the right the more they reveal the fascists that they are.

  2. Lincoln Brown is a former talk show host who hosted “The Lincoln Brown Show” in Utah. He is also an ex-wildland firefighter, truck driver, bartender, HazMat responder, and columnist whose work has appeared in Townhall.com and The Hill. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies.

    Any current or former HazMat responder is a friend of mine….

  3. Once again, the Progressive Left have it exactly backwards. In most places, when an election is stolen, the response by those who think that is an armed insurrection. And not the Animal House 2020 sequel that the Progressives hyperventilate about, but one with real guns and lots of deaths and destruction on all sides. Instead, the so-called “election deniers” are using the democratic processes of this country to right what they consider a grievous wrong. The “threat to our democracy” comes from those who would force these people to turn to other alternatives than campaigning and voting.

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