Emily Oster

With whom does she want an amnesty?

We won’t forget all the lives and livelihoods, and children’s development destroyed, and we’ll let them know that next Tuesday.

[Update Wednesday morning]

Another request for amnesty.

[Update a while later]

We need accountability, not amnesty.

[Update Thursday morning]

The tyranny of a Covid amnesty.

[Update a while later]

Try saying “sorry” first.

No forgiveness without repentance.

[Update a while later]

More on the same theme: There can be no “amnesty” without a reckoning.

[Update a few minutes later]

The Atlantic‘s amnesty request was a massive political blunder.

You don’t say.


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  1. I take this as a tacit admission that the vaxxers are beginning to realize they have shat the bed.

    No amnesty or mercy for any government or employer, but of course you know that the government will pay no reparation for this.

      1. Really. Amnesty: the removal/erasure of penalties administered as the result of criminal conviction. One wonders if Ms. Emily enjoys the comparisons with folks like Marc Rich.
        Overt as hell.

  2. Another thought too, Rand says we’ll remember at the polling booth, but to my eyes, both parties are intricately wrapped up in this fiasco.

    1. True, but some of us live in swing states where the Dems were particularly bad during the lockdowns. We had the complete idiocy of having big box stores like Home Depot open, but the gardening supply section was roped off because seeds and soil were forbidden. I recently got an election flyer for 3 statewide candidates: Nessel, Benson and Whitmer. It looked like an audition for parts in Macbeth.

        1. You might have me confused with someone else. The only time I’ve been to NM is on a road trip. Always been in MI.

          1. I can’t reply to Rand, so I’ll reply to myself. Not VT and UNM. Try U Toronto and U Michigan.

  3. Dissecting the Deceptive Plea for COVID-19 Amnesty

    “When I read through this article, I realize the author highlighted a very common problem I observe in human interactions (which I will admit I have also been guilty of). The author is demanding to receive forgiveness for their conduct, but in their apology, is refusing to admit they did anything wrong. In order to accomplish this, they utilized a variety of manipulative rhetorical constructs that are relatively simple and frequently utilized. ”


  4. The mandate folks don’t need forgiveness, they need to pay reparations. Make it a fee paid to a charitable organization when you get the vaccine or a fine/tax levied on those who did the firing, that can turn around and pay for unemployment benefits, treatment of cardiomyopathy, etc. Too bad most of the firings were in the public sector (police, fire & healthcare).

    Reparations first, amnesty later…

  5. I am less concerned about returning the favor and being a jerk to other normal people than holding those in power accountable.

  6. Be afraid, be very afraid…

    Of what a lame duck Congress and a willing Administration
    might attempt to do…

  7. Have the Jan. 6th protestors received amnesty? Nope? Well, perhaps we can start by solving that problem before we get into the complex mess that was a mass violation of human rights.

  8. Haven’t watched commercial TV for years. If I did, I’d be looking for: “If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of employer mandated vaccination, you may be entitled to financial compensation.”

    It will be truly poetic justice when the tort lawyers go after the woke. Remember the Democrats have been fighting tort reform for decades and all you have to do is convince a jury, you don’t really have to prove anything.

    1. Yup, there’s a local radio guy who’s been saying for the better part of two year now that the lawsuits over the Covid Jab(s) are going to make asbestos look like a sideshow.

  9. Tribunals, retribution and revenge. Never forget, never forgive!. We’ll build the gallows just outside the courthouse so the charged will pass it on the way in and they won’t have far to go once found guilty.

  10. Why isn’t anybody on the “we won’t forgive” side complaining about the worst single early decision: the FDA ban on unauthorized tests?

    We were flying blind and the FDA put out our eyes.

  11. While it is true that without tribunals, this will just happen again, the timing of this plea for amnesty before the election makes me think it’s just rage-bait to trigger a massive backlash and show the wrong-dooers what awaits them if the other side gains power. This is to keep them on-side and voting for the establishment.

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