The Left Were The Mad Scientists

…and we were their lab rats.

This reminds me of the old Soviet joke about the schoolkid:

“Teacher, is it really true that Marx was the greatest scientist in history?”

“Yes, Pyotr, it is true.”

“Then why didn’t he try this crap on rats first?”

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Heretics against the cult of authority.

13 thoughts on “The Left Were The Mad Scientists”

  1. The experiment with electrification of transportation took a grim turn with VP Harris’s gushing introduction of the electric school bus. Eventually, one of them is going to spontaneously combust. The best we can hope for is that there will be no one on board.

    1. So here’s the thing. Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus? Raise your hand if you love a yellow school bus? I mean a big yellow school bus, going up in big yellow flames with lots of black smoke. It’s like taking you to your favorite BBQ. It’s part of not growing up…

    2. Wonder what that electric schoolbus costs?

      Madison Metro used part of its Obama Stimulus money to purchase hybrid diesel-electric buses. The Metro’s general manager explained that they were limiting their purchases because, if I remember correctly, the sticker price of a diesel transit bus was around 150K whereas the hybrid at 450K was three times as much. The fuel saving in like-on-like comparison was similar to a hybrid car or about 20%. Not such a good deal.

      Our real-estate-developer-elected-Dane-County-Executive thought electrification was a waste of money, spending the County’s “green dollars” on compressed natural gas trucks. Probably one of the more wise decisions coming from local government. Dane County has enough trucks to justify the compressed natural gas gear at a central location, and natural gas, even at its elevated price today, is still a value proposition over $5/gallon+ diesel fuel.

      I saw an all-electric Madison Metro bus drive by where I cross the street. I know it was all-electric because it had lettering on it to that effect. I mean, why spend a good fraction of a million dollars on the contraption if you can’t let everyone know this is an all-electric bus.

      The all-electric bus might be a fun ride. The most acceleration I have experienced in a mode of public transportation, and this includes jets on takeoff in this category was a tie between a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) trolley bus and a Silverliner electric train between New York and Philadelphia. This was a local, lower-speed train making stops having more low-speed “grunt” than the higher speed express-train Metroliner.

      Only I don’t ride public transportation these days if I can help it, although Rand and everyone else around here will call me a Kovid Karen. I remember when everyone on Rand’s fine site, and something tells me the preponderance of the participants around here are old persons under the care of a cardiologist and hence are at elevated COVID risk, I remember when everyone was “keying the comments mic” to report “Yeah, I found a pharamacy to get me the booster.”

      Now, the ‘tude around here is that COVID is no big deal and it and the vaccine were always overblown? I work at the U that is seriously letting its guard down, I have students and colleagues calling in sick. I am required to attend meetings in-person in cramped conference rooms with colleagues with whatever conditions one is not allowed to ask about have regular coughing fits. But with my list of high-risk conditions, I am not riding the electric bus to experience the “woosh.”

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